REVO Water Lenses Definitely Worth a Look

May 2, 2012 By: Kirk Deeter

REVO is a major player in the fashionable eyewear market, and the company is starting to make a push into the fly fishing arena with some pretty impressive frames and lenses.

I know, I know… just what the fly fishing world needs is another sunglasses company that’s going to make a big splash and, perhaps, flame out on fishing within a few years—we’ve all seen that movie before.

But I have a hunch that the more people look through “Water” lenses, the more likely it is that REVO will latch on and stick around. I’ve had the opportunity to fish in Water lenses on bonefish flats in the Bahamas, and also on trout rivers in Colorado. And they stack up against my favorites from other major brands that are synonymous with fly fishing.

I’ve tested the Water lens in the Windspeed frame ($210, bottom), and graphite lenses in the Heading frame. For fishing, I like the Water lens (“Crystal,” which is optical glass) and the Heading frame. Frames, of course, are a personal and subjective consideration, so I’m not going to tell you what frames to wear, unless you’re willing to admit you have a fat head like me.

What I will say is the Water lens is based on some interesting technology that enhances contrast—eliminating glare and adjusting around the blues around water. That said, I think they do equally well on tea-colored trout rivers. I’m seeing small details and inconsistencies in the water column—which is the basis of sight fishing—very clearly through these glasses.

So I think it’s more than hype. I think there’s definitely something here. And if you’re into sight fishing, and take your shades very seriously, REVO’s newest models and lenses are worth a very hard look.