OnX Acquires TroutRoutes

March 22, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

OnX, the popular mapping app primarily used by big game hunters, announced this week that they’ve purchased TroutRoutes. TroutRoutes is a mapping app that has mapped all designated trout streams in the Lower 48 states in America. The app also shows real-time flow data, and consolidated information about access points to make finding and fishing new water an easier task.

OnX has been teasing the idea of venturing into that realm, and is launching their OnX Fish app later this spring. That app will only be available in Minnesota, however, which makes the acquisition of TroutRoutes timely.

“There’s a lot of synergy and shared values between the two companies,” said TroutRoutes founder and CEO Zach Pope. “For the past five years, TroutRoutes has been focused on meeting trout anglers’ needs by consolidating stream and river access information and developing toolsets to help anglers find and explore trout streams across the U.S.”

According to Rachelle Schrute at Gear Junkie, “TroutRoutes will be different than onX Fish. TroutRoutes offers moving water anglers with mapping more tailored to fly fishermen tossing flies to salmonid stream-runners. OnX Fish will focus more on the conventional fisherman’s needs on the big still water.”