Costa Reintroduces Grand Catalina

March 15, 2024 By: Spencer Durrant

Costa del Mar announced that they have reintroduced their popular Grand Catalina sunglasses, made popular in the ’80s by anglers like Flip Pallot and Chico Fernandez.

Of course, Costa isn’t just releasing the same frame they used nearly 50 years ago. The reimagined Grand Catalina frames feature the newest technology updates from Costa, including sweat management channels, vented adjustable nose pads, removable side shields (offering two different looks) and seamless surfacing.

“I remember it like it was yesterday, heading out for a day on the water, the original Grand Catalina in tow. They were the pinnacle of purpose built eyewear then, and with the passion and technology infused in them many moons later, they are today,” said Costa’s longest tenured Pro Flip Pallot. “Costa has always been on the forefront of leading by example, whether it’s protecting the waters we call home or crafting world class products, and the new iteration of the Grand Catalina frames is certainly no different.”

You can order these now via Costa’s website.