South Platte River Damaged by Floods

August 3, 2023 By: Spencer Durrant

Photo: denverkid/Flickr

The famous stretch of the South Platte River through Cheesman Canyon, in Colorado, has been severely damaged by recent flooding and mudslides. Noted guide and author Pat Dorsey documented the impacts on the river over the past few days, with his Instagram updates serving as a focal point for anglers across the world.


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In short, massive rains caused enormous mudslides and floods, which carried huge debris flows comprised of decomposed granite. According to Dorsey’s Instagram posts, the decomposed granite has likely settled on the streambed and covered up much of the insect life.

Dorsey noted in an August 2 post that, while he hasn’t seen any dead fish, he hasn’t seen many fish at all in the Chessman Canyon section. Only time will tell the impacts of this extreme weather event.