Teen Angler Wins Vancouver Film Festival

March 11, 2021 By: Spencer Durrant

This is a fantastic story that comes to us from Canada. First off, I wish my high school had had a fly fishing team (although, if you count me and the buddies who regularly skipped class to go fishing, we might as well have been a team). Second, I wish I had the gumption at 16 to enter a film about conservation into a youth film festival.

That’s exactly what Benji Bridle did. His short film “Get Reel” focuses on conservation through fly fishing, and it won the award for best screenplay at the 2020 Vancouver Island Youth Film Festival.

Not a fly fishing film festival. But a regular ol’ film festival, judged by folks who likely don’t live and breathe fishing the way Bridle does.

His film is great, and you can read more about him in this piece from Canada’s National Observer