Tippet: Northern Pike on the Fly, Importance of a Good Net, Tips for Tying Season

December 31, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • Northern Pike are a great species to chase on the fly. “Found in most rivers and lakes in the Northern regions of North American and Europe, the Pike is an aggressive predator putting just about anything that swims into its belly if it gets the chance,” writes Jack Condon. “This aggression and the size these fish can reach makes them one of the most entertaining fish to pursue on the fly!” Via Postfly Box.
  • In this recent article, Darcy Toner of Faceless Fly Fishing Media outlines how a good net is essential for catch and release techniques. “A good landing net is beneficial for a number of reasons: it ensures the safety of the fish, helps the angler land more fish, and adds an interesting element to your photography. Such a net is one of the most underrated, yet vital, trout-fishing accessories.”
  • For many anglers, winter is the season of focused fly tying. From keeping a clean workspace to planning patterns and buy material, Bob Reece outlines tips for starting your fly tying season off right in this article via Gink & Gasoline.