Tippets: Fishing Wet Flies, “Trout Sets,” Tips to Keep ‘Em Wet

December 30, 2018 By: Erin Block

  • In a new instructional video from “The New Fly Fisher,” “Tom Rosenbauer explains the basics of choosing and fishing subsurface patterns–both nymphs to be drifted and wet flies to be swung.” Learn more here.
  • When an angler who is used to redfish and carp heads to a small mountain stream, those hard-earned instinctive reactions of “not trout setting” don’t serve him well. “Well-honed reactions are hard to break,” writes Mike Sepelak, “I’ve watched enough trout fisherman struggle in the salt to know that. Now the boot was on the other foot.” Read “Hook Set” via Hatch Magazine.
  • In this article, Sascha Clark Danylchuk writes about techniques for better catch and release techniques when taking photos of fish. “Each of these principles are simple and doable by any angler no matter their skill level or the fishing situation. Most importantly, each one is backed by science and will make a difference to the fish that you catch-and-release.” Via Dun Magazine.