Tippets: Spring Streamers, Pride of Being a Guide

April 30, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • “Pre-runoff, streamer fishing can be some of the best streamer fishing you can encounter all year,” writes Ivan Orsic. From persistence and presentation to rod weight and mastering the dead drift, Orsic details five ways to improve your streamer fishing technique, via Trouts Fly Fishing.
  • The guide community is often stereotyped, writes Emerald LaFortune, “as a collection of young adults dirtbagging around, making ends meet from season to season, living out of vehicles, thriving on adrenaline and PBR, and otherwise avoiding the real world with its bank accounts and office desks.” But in this recent essay, LaFortune makes it clear the serious nature of the work, and the pride those in the profession should take in their time on the water or in the field. Via Redside Foundation.