Umpqua Wins Gray’s “Best of 2014” Award

January 5, 2014 By: Erin Block

Umpqua Feather Merchant’s Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel has won a “Best of 2014” award from Gray’s Sporting Journal. “Every element about this pack is well thought out,” says Miles Nolte, fly fishing editor for the journal.

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Gray’s Sporting Journal Names Umpqua’s Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel “Best of 2014”

LOUISVILLE, CO Umpqua Feather Merchants’ Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel (SRP $179.99) has been recognized as a “Best of 2014” product in the latest edition of Gray’s Sporting Journal. Each year, editors from the well-known outdoor magazine consider hundreds of new products and select a few stand outs to earn the recognition. Miles Nolte, Gray’s Sporting Journal’s fly fishing editor, has chosen after extensive field testing the Umpqua Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel Bag as a Gray’s Best of 2014 winner.


“This year Umpqua released a whole line of new bags and packs that are truly innovative and functional. Rather than just changing colors or adding frivolous compartments, Umpqua teamed up with designers from other outdoor industries to bring fresh thinking to fishing bags. While I greatly enjoyed the company’s new Famous 2500 boat bag, it was the Deadline 3500 Wet/Dry Duffel that shone the brightest. Every element about this pack is well thought out. I have used this bag for serious day trips and as a carry-on for travel. It performed equally well in both roles.”

— Miles Nolte, Fly Fishing Editor, Gray’s Sporting Journal

This recognition continues the high acclaim that Umpqua has received for its reentry into the packs, bags and vests market in 2013. In 2013, the Ledges 500 Waist-Pack earned similar recognition from Field & Stream. Several of the Umpqua’s new products in this category have been featured in a variety of industry gear guides, and have received high accolades for their innovative and fresh designs and superior quality.

“Committing to bringing the same quality and innovation that we bring in flies to the pack and bag category has created a lot of excitement at Umpqua and retailers across the country. The Deadline 3500 is one of the most versatile packs on the market because of its uniquely flexible wet and dry compartments. If you’re hauling boots and waders across the country or simply want the perfect carry-on to keep your clean and dirty clothes separate during your travels, the Deadline will get you geared up and on the water quicker and smelling a lot better when you return.”

— Brent Bauer, Pack & Bag Category Manager, Umpqua Feather Merchants

The entire Gray’s article can be viewed here

In addition to the Deadline 3500 Wet Dry Duffel, Umpqua also produces the Ledges 500 and 650 Wait-Packs, the Overlook 500 Chest-Pack, the Surveyor 1100 Backpack, the Famous 2500 Boat Bag and has just recently introduced two new products, the Toketee Vest and the Swiftwater Tech Vest. The entire line up and product videos can be viewed at http://umpqua.com/packs-and-bags.


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