Quick Tip: Wax your Ferrules to Avoid Broken Fly Rods

April 30, 2013 By: timromano

Any old candle wax will do….

How many of you take the time to wax your rod ferrules a couple times a year?  I know I usually don’t, and I’ve paid the price of broken rods too many times to count.

Finally after doing that very thing on a tarpon trip a couple weeks ago I came home and took out every rod I owned and did them all at once. Breaking a rod anytime is a real drag, but when you’re on an expensive trip where you’ve traveled somewhere far away it stings even more.

Here’s the problem: The male and female section ends of rod ferrules can become loose after repeated casting. The ferrule is the part of the rod that joins the sections of the rod together. The hollow (female) portion at the end of a rod section receives the male end of the next section. After a time the male end can slip to the very edge of the female end and when enough pressure is applied (like a hard cast), it can actually crack or “blow out” the blank wall, resulting in a broken rod.

Here’s the solution: Many manufactures actually give you a little package of paraffin wax to help keep your rod pieces together when you buy a rod. Take this wax before the first time you use your rod and apply it to all of the male sides of the ferrules. If the manufacturer doesn’t provide you with any,  simply get a candle or chunk of beeswax and gently brush it forward towards the top of the male ferrule, coating the entire piece. If your rod is old and has been used bunch remember to clean out the female side with a Q-tip or something similar before applying wax.

Now your rod pieces should hold together much longer and tighter, minimizing the chance of a silly rod break.