Spirit River Ultra-Vision 2

January 21, 2013 By: Erin Block

Through extensive research, Spirit River has developed Ultra-Vision 2 which utilizes different light wavelengths and reflections proven most visible to fish. The UV2 technology is available in a series of Spirit River’s products from spey hackle to CDC.

Read more in the press release below.

Spirit River’s ULTRA-VISION™ UV2®

UV2 is our unique ground breaking process on tying materials, only from Spirit River, that can mean the difference on your flies, jigs and lures. Look at the products under a black or UV light and see the difference.

UVF is the FLUORESCENT wave length in bright colors we know in materials which allows fish to see flies and lures at a much greater distance in most water conditions. A huge advantage in many light and water conditions.

UVR is the Ultra Violet Reflectance UV light cannot be seen with the human eye, but is very common and visible in the animal and insect world. Think of a dog whistle humans cannot hear yet dogs clearly can. Insects and animals have different rods and cones in their eyes and can see wave lengths far different and better than the human eye.

UVF is bright and obvious and UVR is very subtle to humans.  Most male species have a significant ‘natural’ UVR signature females will recognize and key in on as well predators.  This is how mayflies find mates, bees find. Ultra Violet light in its many wave lengths may be considered a basic key just like fly color, silhouette and size.

Spirit’s new Multi-Spectrum UV2 Dubbing is a unique series of core colors each individually processed in both UVR and UVF.  The multiple colors all kick out their own wave lengths of color and the UV mix will show UVR and UVF. To really see the effects of our enhancement dubbing just look at the dubbing in both the sunlight and a UV light.

In using the UV2 dubbing or material, we encourage you to always tie in a base of pearl or silver Mylar, allowing any UV light to emanate back out.