Podcast Interview: Bill Black of Spirit River Talks UV Tying Materials

January 15, 2013 By: timromano

Bill Black holds the “Best New Fly Tying Materials” award for 2012

Bill Black has seen and done a lot in the fly tying material world. He and his brother started Umpqua feather merchants, which was later sold, back in the 70s. He then started his current company, Spirit River, in 1990. He mentioned that he thinks he or his trainees have taught most of the world’s commercial fly tiers who reside overseas.

In this conversation Bill talks to us about Spirit River’s newest line of ultra-violet-based products, which are changing the way tiers think about tying flies. The UV2 line, as he calls it, utilizes both UVF and UVR wavelengths to attract fish in ways that have not been thoroughly explored before.

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