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Podcast Interview: Bill Black of Spirit River Talks UV Tying Materials

Bill Black has seen and done a lot in the fly tying material world. He and his brother started Umpqua feather merchants, which was later sold, back in the 70s. He then started his current company, Spirit River, in 1990. He mentioned that he thinks he or his trainees have taught most of the world's commercial fly tiers who reside overseas. In this...

Video: Spectrum Response UV Spray

It seems that this year more than ever fly anglers and tiers are buying into the theory that UV enhancement products like Spectrum Response UV Spray and Spirit River's line of UV tying materials can up their chances of catching fish under certain conditions. Here, Brian Westover explains how Spectrum Response actually works. When showing the example flies...

Spirit River Sof-Tungsten

An easy-to-use for a variety of applications. Various shapes allow for some very realistic patterns. MSRP: $2.84/bag. Visit the Spirit River Web site for more info.  Spirit River on MidCurrent.