Quick Tip: Using Aquaseal for Quick and Easy Raft Repair

July 30, 2012 By: timromano

I knew it fixed leaky waders, but boats too…?

Everyone knows that you can use Aquaseal to repair waders in the field, but have you ever thought about it for fixing a damaged raft? I’ve always been afraid of the big multi-chemical and material patch kit my boat repair setup comes with.

Turns out Auqaseal might just be the soulution…

Keith Pearen over at the Western Rafter says, “Lately, I have been hearing what an amazing tool Aquaseal is.  I knew you could use it to fix neoprene like kayak spray decks, wetsuits and waders and even dry bags or dry suits in a pinch.  It turns out Aquaseal is urethane-based and is amazing for tons of other applications. I put a bead of it over the gash in my Maravia and it is holding air beautifully!  This was by far the easiest patch I have ever done.  I roughed it up with 150 grit, wiped it clean with a rag and squeezed the Aquaseal on straight out of the tube with no applicator or brush.  10 minutes max and it was dry and ready to use this morning with no Cotol for a fast cure.”

To hear get more of the story visit Western Rafter and if you’re curious about Aquaseal for limitless other applications visit McNett for a full list of Aquaseal Prodcuts.