Picking the Perfect Bonefish Reel and Converting Others for Double Duty

July 31, 2012 By: timromano

Louis Cahill says “bigger is better.” Photo – Louis Cahill

Fellow fishing photographer and flats fishing nut Louis Cahill over at Gink and Gasoline says that last time he went bonefishing he “needed a reel with a really large arbor but didn’t relish the idea of dropping the cash on another new bonefish reel.”

Fortunately he had another solution: “I had a Nautilus NV Ten-Eleven, a great saltwater reel. I bought the Nautilus G-8 spool for it. The G stands for Giga. This spool turned my Ten-Eleven into a super-large-arbor eight.”

Louis also mentioned that ” [t]he spool is fast and easy to change and really gives the reel some power to pick up line with it’s 4.25″ arbor. It’s highly vented so the line dries quickly, which cuts way down on the chance that you spool will corrode from holding wet line. It’s light (7.2 oz) and holds 225 yards of 30 lb backing with an eight weight line.”

To hear more about why the conversion worked so well head on over to G&G.