Glass and Flats

July 13, 2012 By: Benjamin Clary

With miles and miles of flats and the ability to sight cast to 20-, 30-, even 50-pound fish, it’s no wonder that Beaver Island has been receiving more than ordinary publicity lately.  Luminaries such as Kirk Deeter and Conway Bowman have made their way up to the island situated in Lake Michigan.  Most recently, Cameron Mortenson added his name to the list of folks who had to see to believe the concept of “Michigan flats fishing.”

In true Fiberglass Manifesto style, Cameron brought an arsenal of fiberglass rods to tackle the island’s carp and smallmouth with.  Despite his passionate dedication to all things glass, Cameron is not hesitant to say that the classic rod material is not the best for casting large flies long distances into the wind.  But once you do hook up, look out, because that’s where glass shines.  If you enjoy flexible rods trying to touch their toes, carp on glass may be for you.