Fishing the Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide Trail spans over 3,000 miles from Canada to Mexico, and offers incredible fly fishing along its length. Joshua Bergan, over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, wrote an excellent story detailing some of his fishing excursions on this trail this past summer. You can read his story here.

Christmas Island Reopens

For the first time in over three years, Kiritimati - or, as most anglers know it, Christmas Island - is welcoming travelers. Air service to the island has resumed from Fiji and Hawaii. This world-class angling destination is now open to anglers and other tourists. You can read more about the reopening of the island here.

3 Tips for Bad Weather on a Saltwater Trip

Bad weather is a natural part of fly fishing, but it's tough to deal with when it comes up during a bucket list trip. And while bad weather can make the fishing tougher, it usually doesn't make it impossible. That's the gist of what Evan Jones describes in this piece for the Orvis blog, where he hands out three tips to deal with bad weather on saltwater fly...

Connecticut Tailwater Trout

If you're in the northeast and looking for some new-to-you places to explore this year, you need to read this story from Ed Van Put. He gives out some great details on the Farmington River, which make it sound like a must-visit fishery. Read the story here.

Orvis Podcast: Traveling with Fly Fishing Gear

In episode of the Orvis podcast, Tom Rosenbauer sits down with Seth Berger to talk about traveling with fly fishing gear. Seth's job is to visit Orvis-endorsed operations around the world, so he's used to traveling with his fishing gear. He has some great insight that I think a lot of anglers will learn from. You can listen to the podcast here.

Spring Great Lakes Steelhead

Steelhead fishing is often associated with the Pacific Northwest, but that's not the only place to catch these fish. Every year, spring-run steelhead in the Great Lakes offer anglers the chance to experience these fish without the need to travel to far-flung steelhead rivers. Kelly Galloup put together this story on the spring-run steelhead in the Great...

Story: The Kamchatka Steelhead Project

If you've ever had an interest in the steelheading out in Kamchatka, Russia, then you need to read this story from John Sherman in Fly Fisherman Magazine. Sherman had the chance of a lifetime to fish steelhead in Kamchatka with the Kamchatka Steelhead Project, a research initiative to help protect and conserve this valuable resource of fish. You can read...

Winter Trout Fishing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is hardly the first state you think of when looking for good trout fishing opportunities. This state is known for its bass and crappie fishing, but during winter, there are some fantastic chances to catch big trout on a fly rod, as well. You can read this story from The Oklahoman to learn more about trout fishing here during winter.

Traveling to Patagonia

In a recent column for Artful Living, David Coggins lays out the reasons why any fly angler should make the trip to Patagonia at least once. You can read it here.

Fly Fish in Sun Valley

If you're looking for a travel destination for next summer the whole family will enjoy, you should consider Sun Valley. This story from Travel and Leisure highlights all the activities you can do in Sun Valley, Idaho - including fly fishing. Read the story here.