12 Tips for Cheap Fishing Trips

I love fun, innovative ideas like the stuff by Louis Cahill in this recent story at Gink & Gasoline. In it, Cahill details 12 tips for putting together an epic fly fishing trip on the cheap. In a time of skyrocketing costs for everything, keeping a fly fishing trip on the cheap is a great way to save cash. Read the story here.

Iconic Fly Fishing Destinations in Each State

This list is sure to spark some conversation amongst anglers, and what better way to start off our week than a friendly argument? The list of the most iconic fly fishing destination in each state is a bit superficial, but perhaps in some states that aren't known for their fly fishing, the list gives up a gem or two. Either way, it's worth looking through to...

Blue Horizon Lodge Opens in Belize

The Blue Horizon Lodge is one of the most legendary places to go catch permit. And in 2021, the updated version of this historic landmark officially opened for business. The story behind Blue Horizon, and its head guide Lincoln Westby, is one worth reading. You can do so here.

Robb Report's Best Fishing Destinations

The Robb Report - a luxury lifestyle and travel website - recently listed its top destinations for fly fishing around the world. If you have cabin fever, and want to get out somewhere incredible, this list is for you. Read it here.

North Platte River Headwaters

Mention the North Platte, and most folks think of the Miracle Mile and Gray Reef sections in Wyoming, famous for their enormous trout. But the headwaters of the North Platte, on the Colorado-Wyoming border, are among some of the best trout fisheries in the country. In this story by Jonathan Lee Wright in Fly Fisherman Magazine, you're along for a journey...

Turneffe Atoll Open with Covid Precautions

The Washington Post recently did a profile on the fly fishing down at Turneffe Atoll, the second-longest barrier reef in the world. The atoll is open for fly fishing, with covid precautions in place. You can learn more about the atoll here.

A Montana Sampler

This is an interesting story from the staff of Montana Angler, and published over on the Orvis blog. It's about 5 unique Montana fisheries that you can fish within 5 days. If you've been trying to plan a trip to Big Sky Country, but weren't sure where to start, this is a great resource. Read it in full here.

Winter Fly Fishing in South Dakota

Kevin Woster, of the Rapid City Journal, penned a great piece about the fly fishing in South Dakota during winter. As an avid fan of winter fly angling myself, I really appreciated the angle with which Woster approached this story. And, he highlights a local fly shop in Rapid City, South Dakota, as well - something else I can get behind. Read all of...

Fly Fishing in Tasmania

If you've ever thought about heading Down Under for some fly fishing, you probably haven't thought about hitting up Tasmania. According to a press release from a Tasmanian official, the state of Australia is launching a big campaign to try and get anglers - specifically fly anglers - to come visit the island. You can discover more about fly fishing in...

The Story Behind Jurassic Lake

By now, everyone has heard of Jurassic Lake in Argentina. It's the premier place for catching giant rainbow trout in South America, and perhaps the world. But it's a relatively new fishery, and the story of how it got started is fascinating. Ross Purnell, over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, does a great job of telling that story. You can read it in full here.