Fly Fishing Trips on a Budget

From fishing local to traveling with friends, in this article Louis Cahill outlines great practical tips for fly fishing trips to fit your budget. “I have never let a lack of funds get between me and great fly fishing,” Cahill writes. “Over the years I’ve figured out one or two tricks that make for great fly bum trips on the cheap. I’m going to...

On the Trail of the California Golden Trout

Chase Bartee writes about a road trip west to California to fly fish for golden trout, and also to propose marriage Aimee, now his wife. “It was the perfect culmination of an incredible season of adventure. But our aspirations to chase after fish and seek out new and unique opportunities didn’t stop there. To the contrary, it was just the beginning....

Video Hatch: “The Creek”

This recent film from Rolf Nylinder features dry-fly fishing from the forests of Västerbotten, Sweden.

Video Hatch: “Fyn”

In this film from loclouds, treat yourself to beautiful footage of spring seatrout fly fishing in Fyn, Denmark.

Excerpt from "Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout"

In this post, read an excerpt from Chris Hunt’s new book, Catching Yellowstone’s Wild Trout: A Fly-fishing Guide and History. “In Yellowstone, nearly every small stream you see as it either parallels a road or crosses under one is potentially fishy. Just because you don’t see other anglers fishing these waters doesn’t mean they aren’t worth...

Video Hatch: “Women in Fly Fishing”

This film captures the beauty of the Bahamian bonefishing experience searching and wading the flats. Via Catch Magazine.

2019 Orvis-Endorsed Awards

Guides, lodge owners, and outfitters from around the world recently gathered in Missoula, Montana, for the 2019 Orvis Guide Rendezvous. The event features presentations, seminars, and panels that focus on best practices in conservation efforts, recruitment, customer service, and marketing measures pertinent to outdoor businesses. The Orvis Guide Rendezvous...

The Henrys Fork: America’s Favorite Trout Stream

Chris Santella writes about the fabled Idaho’s Henrys Fork in this recent article in The Washington Post. “There are rivers where you can find bigger fish, and others where you can likely land more,” he writes. “The great lure of the Henrys is the abundance of insect life, and the local trout’s inclination to seek sustenance on the surface.”

Video Hatch: “Desert Buffet”

Large mouth bass are not often associated with arid regions, but this new episode of The Buffet Series highlights just such a unique situation. Via Capture Crew.

Video Hatch: “The Journey”

In this short film from Hooke, JP Tessier embarks on a fly-fishing journey from Lapland to Quebec. "Fishing is a lot more than catching fish,” says Tessier, “it's a good opportunity to learn about yourself, others and those you consider your friends.”