Video Hatch: “Igloo”

Newfoundland and Labrador are home to the world's biggest brook trout, and this film features the stunning fishery at Igloo Lake Lodge. Via In the Loop Magazine.

Video Hatch: “Taylor River and Gunnison River Fly Fishing Float Trip”

This film from Nomadic Anglers features a float trip on the Gunnison and Taylor rivers, fly fishing with Evan Hammans.

Video Hatch: “Chars of Kangia”

This film features the adventures of one week in Greenland on the Kangia River. Via Northern Stories.

Deep Water Cay Shutters Operations

Deep Water Cay has announced it will cease operations due to after effects of Hurricane Dorian. "With no idea when power will be restored to East End, and no structures that can be connected on the island, no housing, offices, functioning water or sewage treatment plants in place we have simply been forced by mother nature to close,” said Paul R Vahldiek...

Packing Tips for Fly Fishing Travel

From travel bags and clothing to rods and fly boxes, in this article Phil Monahan outlines strategies for packing for fly fishing trips to both the mountains and the tropics. “When you’re on your way to what might be a fly-fishing trip of a lifetime, you want to pack efficiently, but you also must make sure that you have everything you’ll need when...

Best Fly Fishing Destinations

Fly fishing offers an angler quiet moments in a natural environment. “That is, until the fish strikes,” writes Sean Jansen. In this article, read his picks for the top places for solitude and fly fishing. Via Lonely Planet.

Podcast Episode: “The DrakeCast on Dorian’s Wake”

Hurricane Dorian devastated the Bahamas. Hear about this bonefish paradise before, during, and after the storm. “In this episode we profile a lifelong Bahamian guide, talk to a lodge owner about the current state of the island and its inhabitants and learn how you can help.” Listen here via The Drake.

Video Hatch: “Birthplace of the Dry Fly”

In this video from Fly Water Travel, discover the origins of dry-fly fishing.

Video Hatch: "Tjuonajokk"

This film features Tjuonajokk, a fly fishing paradise located near one of the last untouched rivers in Sweden, river Kaitum.

Video Hatch: “DIYAK”

In this film from Mikey Wier, watch the adventures of a do it yourself float trip in the Alaskan Wilderness.