Fly Line Tapers: A Guide Explains

Renowned Florida Keys fly-fishing guide Bruce Chard sets out on his Fly Fisherman blog to explain the fly line, section by section.  So far, he’s covered the front taper, the rear taper, and the belly, along with a general breakdown of the sections of a fly line.

  • Why the undertaking?  “Believe it or not, understanding all the different fly lines and there [sic] tapers can help you catch more fish.”
  • “Front tapers help disperse energy to the leader and fly from the belly.” Chard explains the perfect balance between too much energy to the leader from a long front taper and not enough energy from a short front taper.
  • The rear taper transfers energy to the belly, and the correct length depends on the kind of fishing and flies used.  A short rear taper will load the rod quicker, perfect for short quick casts.  A longer short taper is great for a long cast.
  •  To fully load the rod, having the full belly of the line in the air is essential, Chard reminds us.
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