TrueFlies Designs Fishing Clothes Sans “Commando” Look

True Flies Clothing

TrueFlies president Michael Lintz and vice president Capt. Cole Fairbanks (who, between them, have over 75 years of experience on the water) embraced the notion that “just because it’s technical doesn’t mean it can’t look good” when they sought out the input of designer Michael Blue to create a clothing line under the TrueFlies brand.

Indeed, to call this lineup of shirts, shorts, pants, hats, belts, etc., “fishing clothes” is a bit of a disservice. Sure, the styles are lightweight, breathable, and all those other attributes anglers seek. But they’re also classy. Fly fishing has always been 10 steps to the conservative side of logo-driven bass wear, but this level of refinement does one better. You can comfortably wear a TrueFlies shirt on the golf course, or to dinner about town without feeling like you’re making a blatant “I fish” statement. More and more, that kind of versatility is in demand of the style- and budget-conscious angler.

For example, the company’s Tropical Cotton Polo shirt ($60-$70) is clearly a “sportswear” style, while the complementary Turtle Bay polo ($70-$80) offers a tad more technical appeal.

The Woven Bokeela Shirt ($80) offers a bit more sun resistance by way of long sleeves. Also check out the Oyster Creek Shorts ($70) which repel water, but wear comfortably—a very sharp balance of form and function. Captiva Air-Lite Pants live up to their moniker at $90.

See more styles and learn more about the company and its philosophy at

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