Echo Ion 10/12 (Spey) and Solo 4/5 Fly Reels

September 5, 2011 By: Kirk Deeter

In the Echo Ion 10/12, Spey casters will find a great capacity reel with a maintenance-free Rulon disc drag, a backlash-free, instant drag reaction one-way roller clutch bearing, and a positive position click drag knob. Made with a durable solid alloy, the reel does make incoming and outgoing audible clicks. MSRP: $99.99.

If you’re looking for a serviceable, functional trout reel, with a Rulon-disc drag, that’s smooth on the start-up, and costs a mere $34.99, the 2012 Echo SOLO is for you. Not much on frills—just a solid holder and cranker of fly line.

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