Rise Fishing Company Launches with Two New Rod Series

March 17, 2011 By: Alex Cerveniak

Level Series 8-weight

Level Series

The Level Series Saltwater Fly Rods from Rise Fishing are made from IM-8 and IM-10 Graphite. The reel seats are a heavy duty, saltwater safe, up-locking seat, and the guides are made from titanium carbide. The fighting butts are standard size on the 6 through 9-weights and are over sized on the 10 through 14-weight models. The color of the Rise Level series rods is a rich blue with black wraps. A nice feature of the Level Series Fly Rods is that each comes with an extra tip. All models in the Level Series are 9-feet long, 4-pieces, and have a fast action. Each rod comes with a rod sock and a case. Available at their Web site for $249.99.

In-Stream Series

In-Stream Series

The Rise In-Stream series of rods are all made from IM-8 and IM-10 Graphite making this series a lightweight, crisp feeling rod. The reel seat is a nickel silver up-locking seat with a burled rosewood glossy finish. All guides are lightweight titanium carbide. The In-Stream Series rods have a dark red finish with black wraps. Like the Level Series, all In-Stream Series fly rods come with an extra tip, rod sock, and case.

There are three lengths to choose from on their 4-weight model, all of which have a medium action. The 5-weight is available in two lengths, and has a medium-fast action. Each of the 4-piece In-Stream models retails for $229.99 at the company’s Web site.