A Big Brown's "Biography"

September 9, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Field & Stream fishing columnist and MidCurrent editorial board member John Merwin turned up this very interesting story about research into the age of a monster brown trout caught on Argentina’s Rio Grande River last year. The fish, estimated at 41.5 pounds, was caught and released by Brian Yamamoto, a dentist from Fairbanks, Alaska. The University of Montana’s Sarah O’Neal, who studies Rio Grande fish, got one of the scales and “read” the fish’s history in the rings and scars: “We can’t know with 100% accuracy the exact size of this guy at each year of his life. But regardless, they suggest that he was a fast-grower from the get go. Even in freshwater you can see he was larger than the average sea trout. And then he just went nuts out there at sea.”
By the way, Merwin’s new blogging efforts make a regular visit to his “The Honest Angler” a requirement for smart fishermen. I particularly wish I had had his solution to “bumper bashing” when I was trailering a boat 300 days a year.