Leaving the Testosterone Behind

August 25, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

Every couple of months it seems that another female journalist takes to fly fishing and rediscovers the quirky appeal of the sport. First it’s Fiona Sims in London’s Times Online getting the straight talk from instructor Jim Williams: “‘You can’t catch what you’ve just scared sh**less.'”
Then new fly fisher Bonnie Sitter stumbles upon the thing that makes good fly fishers out of bad ones: organization. “With his four-ounce rod, he carves out the most amazing knots, the kind of knots my mother dreamed of untying while watching Dallas when I was a child, knots that are twisted and turned and dangerously equipped with a hook, a puzzle even Houdini himself couldn’t get out of– and it took one cast and less than a second to create.” On ParadisePost.com.