Quitting Coffee: A Man Gets Lonely

August 24, 2007 By: Marshall Cutchin

I recently had to stop drinking coffee in order to help my internal plumbing recover from years of excess caffeinated pleasure. I know this is temporary, and somehow that makes it easier. Still, I fantasize about the French press. And even a whiff from an open coffee bean bag would send me into delirium. I know plenty of fellow fly fishers who would also find quitting coffee harder than ditching cigarettes or alcohol, so a hilarious piece by Matt Suddain on Greatreporter.com made the cut for this morning’s news. “Factoid: Coffee was discovered by goats. True story. According to legend, an Abyssinian goat-herder saw his herd acting frisky after they’d eaten red cherries from a shrub. He tasted the fruit and was later spotted dancing with his goats. When challenged by local monks he said only ‘A man gets lonely.’ Movie idea: Dances With Goats?”