Are Fat Guys Better Bass Anglers?

Pete Robbins penned this piece on bass fishing for The MeatEater, and I won't do it justice aside from telling you to read it. I haven't laughed that hard at a piece of fishing writing since I read my mother-in-law-to-be Pat McManus's definition of a creek and a "crick." Read this piece here.

Video Hatch: “Casting in the Wind”

In this video, learn how to combat an angler's mores feared enemy: the wind. Via Huge Fly Fisherman.

"Unemployed Fishing"

After a surprise layoff, Matt Labash writes about dealing with unemployment in this recent essay. “I decided that in order to put my life back together, I’d need to put my head back together first. And in my experience, the water is the best place, maybe the only place, to do so.” Read “Unemployed Fishing” via The Drake.

Video Hatch: "Hank Patterson Christmas 2025"

"Anything's possible at Christmas, Harry.  You might catch a fish."   That's just one of the bits of humor in this 5-minute "Christmas Extravaganza" from Hank Patterson and crew.

Video Hatch: "Salmon Cannon Redux"

The “salmon cannon” designed by Whooshh Innovations to help move fish over dams is "explained" on “Last Week Tonight” with John Oliver--complete with his humorous perspective.

Fly Town Comics

Mixed-media artist Jan Flanigan creates “Fly Town Comics,” a series of unique comic pieces made with original drawings and dead flies. “When you put them in human situations they have real character,” says Flanigan. Read more in the press release below. Retiree Makes Quirky Comics Out Of Fly Corpses Fresno, CA—Ms. Flanigan is the artist behind Fly...

Video Hatch: "Hank Patterson's 8 Steps To Better Nymph Fishing"

Hank Patterson is back on the river in this film short, where he shares always amusing tips and tricks for nymphing.

First-Ever Fly Fishing Sex Survey

Researchers have just released significant new data on the potential impact of fly fishing on human sexual behavior.  As Scott Bowen writes in his MidCurrent exclusive report, the results are somewhat surprising and may arouse further research. The Federal Institute of Human Sexuality and Sexual Health (FIHSSH) surveyed 2 million American fly fishers...

Video Hatch: "WWHD - Limits"

In a new series from expert fishing guide Hank Patterson, your pressing questions are answered. This first installment of “What Would Hank Do?” addresses the issue of salmon limits and grizzly bears in Alaska, among others.

Sunset on the Motueka

In a fertile valley and perfect location, Derek Grzelewski recounts a day on the Motueka River, where even an encounter with an inconsiderate angler cannot steal the show: for “the dream was not shattered, just foreshortened,” Grzelewski writes in his most recent MidCurrent column. "There was another half an hour of daylight left.”