Tippets: Pyramid Lake Photo Essay, Top Muskie Flies

  • Nevada’s Pyramid Lake is famous for its population of Lahontan cutthroat trout. Ben Smith offers a beautiful photo essay from the recent time he spent at this unique fishery. Via Arizona Wanderings.
  • What makes an effective muskie fly can be as difficult to decode as muskies themselves. In this recent article Matt Straw examines “the benches of tiers and the minds of guides to unearth flies that “walk the dog,” create surface commotions, shed weeds, expand, contract, and articulate like living, vertebrate prey to trigger muskies in every kind of environment.” Via Fly Fisherman.
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Patagonia Retailers in Florida Contribute $25,000 to Bullsugar Alliance

Patagonia dealers from across the state of Florida have shown commitment to solving the water crisis in the Everglades, and have pulled together to make a $25,000 Patagonia Environmental Grant to Bullsugar Alliance.

Read more in the press release below. Continue reading

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Tippets: Take Wild Steelhead Off Menu, Battle for Bull Trout, Benefits of Dam Removal

  • The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has released a statement on the decision by Seafood Watch to list wild steelhead as a “good alternative” menu item. “We are concerned this draft is not based on the best available science,” writes AFFTA President, Ben Bulis, “and would readily urge Seafood Watch to postpone its determination until assessment criteria unique to anadromous species such as steelhead and salmon can be developed.”
  • Suppression of invasive lake trout in backcountry lakes in Glacier National Park “continues to show signs of success for bull trout,” reports the Flathead Beacon. A study published in the journal Fisheries Management and Ecology explains the suppression effort and how it could be applied to other invasive species in broader habitats.
  • The removal of dams for salmon populations has helped other species as well. “Had John Muir been alive to witness the failure of Atlantic salmon recovery in the U.S.,” writes Ted Williams, “he might have amended his famous quote as follows: “When we try to recover anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” Via The Nature Conservancy.
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New Fly Fishing Books

  • MidCurrent has a limited number of signed copies of A Fly Rod of Your Own, the new book by John Gierach available in the MidCurrent Store.
  • Nymph Masters: Fly-Fishing Secrets from Expert Anglers by Jason Randall offers readers the opportunity to discover what it would be like to fish with top anglers such as George Daniel, Landon Mayer, Lefty Kreh, Ed Jaworowski, Ed Engle, Gary Borger, and Joe Humphreys. Randall shares their top nymphing techniques, flies, and tactics, covering everything from rigging flies, reading the water, casting, and fighting fish as he travels the country, from Pennsylvania to Alaska. Stackpole Books [Hardcover] (April 1, 2017).
  • tenkara: A complete guide to the techniques, gear, history and philosophy of tenkara, the Japanese method of fly-fishing. A manifesto on fly-fishing simplicity by Daniel Galhardo shares the history and methods of the tenkara technique. “An angler picking up a tenkara rod for the first time will find this book’s concepts well laid out and intuitive. The experienced angler will appreciate the simpler approach to fly-fishing and the advanced techniques shared in the book.” The book has an interactive design and features QR (quick read) codes throughout that will give access to videos, podcast episodes and other complementary information to accompany chapters. Illustrated by Jeremy Shellhorn and edited by Bevin Wallace. Tenkara Press; 1 edition [Paperback] (March 30, 2017).
  • A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing: Stories by Tim Weed  is a collection of short fiction featuring tales of fishing guides, amateur sportsmen, teenage misfits, scientists, mountaineers, and expatriates embark on disquieting journeys of self-discovery in far-flung places, speaking to “the inextricability of exterior and interior experience; to the powerful magnetism of solitude versus friendship, brotherhood, and love; and to the urgent need for a more direct engagement with the planet that sustains us.”  “A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing” has been shortlisted for the New Rivers Press Many Voices Project, the Autumn House Press Fiction Prize, and the Lewis-Clark Press Discovery Award.
    Green Writers Press [Hardcover] (April 7, 2017).
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Video Hatch: “Contradiction”  

The new episode of Redington’s “Find Your Water” series follows Billings-based angler and hard-rock miner Rich, as he fishes Montana’s legendary Bighorn River and explores what it means to be a contradiction.
Continue reading

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Tippets: Fishing in Montana Exhibit, Early Spring Patterns

  • A new exhibit at The Montana Historical Society Museum in Helena, MT, features fishing tools ranging from a mid-nineteenth century Nez Perce dugout canoe to fly fishing tackle, including fly rods of Norman Maclean. Kenov Lokensgard offers a great look at “Hooked: Fishing in Montana,” Via The Literary Fly Fisher.
  • The warming spring weather sparks “a flurry of bug activity,” writes Jon Easdon of Angler’s Covey. “Fish start coming out of their winter metabolism to an increasingly varied menu.” In this article, Easdon outlines his top picks for unconventional flies for this varied season.
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How to Tie a Deadpool Midge

The Deadpool Midge is the subject of this week’s featured tying video.  “The Deadpool Midge incorporates many of my favorite midge larva building materials into one super-tasty little package,” says tier and videographer Tim Flagler.  “And like the character it’s named for, it is adorned in red and black and is pretty much indestructible.”

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Tippets: Jessica Callihan’s “Unexpected Journey,” Expert Knots

  • Navy veteran Jessica Callihan learned to fly fish through Project Healing Waters, and she credits that experience for help in recovering after permanent nerve damage to her right leg. Callihan is now an ambassador for Project Healing Waters and Able Women.  She shares her story with Tee Clarkson in this recent profile piece via The Drake.
  • Every angler has their own favorite knot for attaching flies to tippet. Experts share their go-to knots, from the non-slip loop to the clinch knot, in this article on the Orvis blog.
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Violations of the IFPA’s New Rule on Fly-Name Obscenity Rile Tiers and Industry Leaders


The seven new flies named in the IFPA’s new voluntary ban are: the Ass-Gasket Emerger, the Dry Humpy, the BarackO’Rocket (steelhead fly), the Gonaddler Minnow, Jock Scott’s Jock (salmon fly), the Naked Lunch (a bonefish pattern), and Don’s Dingus Popper.

But professional tier Alleck Rüidt and other says the ban goes too far.  ““Professional tiers can name flies however they want. We don’t need any third-party governance. This IFPA is just some kind of reactionary-PC thing.”

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Get Wild . . . On the Rocks! with Orvis’s New Battenkill Gin

“Orvis is proud to introduce—in collaboration with Vermont’s own Caledonia Spirits, makers of Barr Hill Gin—a revolutionary new option for lovers of the juniper berry. There has simply never been a spirit like Battenkill Gin, which offers a taste experience that connects to the history and traditions of the Orvis Company.”

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