Tippets: Fishing Eddies, State Fish, International Trout Congress

  • While most anglers look for pools, riffles, and runs for where fish hold, eddies can be productive as well, writes Alan Bulmer. Read more on tactics for effectively fishing swirling eddies, via Active Angling New Zealand.
  • Each U.S. state has its own bird, flower and song to reflect heritage, culture, landscape and wildlife. They also have an official fish. Learn what species represents your state via Wide Open Spaces.
  • The International Trout Congress is set to hold the first annual World of Trout Congress October 2-6, 2016 in Bozeman, MT, and has announced their call for symposia, workshops and pre-conference training courses. Find more information here.
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Video Hatch: “The Art of Fly Fishing”

A short documentary from Jay Boyington features the impact of fly fishing on a young angler’s life.
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Tippets: Interview with James Prosek, Flies for Kids, Fighting Fish in Saltwater

  • At the twentieth anniversary of the publishing of James Prosek’s book “Trout: An Illustrated History,Monte Burke talks to the author about his career, work, and artistic development since his debut. Via Forbes.
  • Flies for Kids, started in 2013 by Kevin McKay, helps young people get started in the sport through generous donations of flies and fly tying kits. Learn more about how to get involved with a great program, via Maine Fly Fish.
  • Fighting fish in saltwater is different than other conditions, and a recent video from the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center explains techniques and tactics to learn before heading out on the flats.
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Video Hatch: “Smith River in June”

For the 75th anniversary of Montana State Parks, artist Monte Dolack was commissioned to paint “Smith River in June.” This short film shows the creation of the work.
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Tippets: Packing Up, Benefits of Tying

  • While not fly-fishing-specific, a recent piece by Brendan Leonard offers good (and humorous) advice on lightening your pack load for backcountry trips. Read more here before spring camping and backpacking seasons begin. Via Adventure Journal.
  • Buying flies is indeed faster and easier than tying your own, but there are benefits to the DIY approach. “When an anger is tying their own fly, it allows their imagination to run wild,” writes Jeff Florence. “It also provides tiers opportunities to learn more about the entomology of their local waters.” Via Colorado Trout Unlimited.
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Tippets: Saving California’s Salmon, Travels of Dorado, The Colorado River’s Drought, Snake River Sockeye

  • A recent article in The New York Times examines the history and present workings of hatcheries. Dr. John Carlos Garza, a geneticist working to save California’s threatened salmon populations, wrote critically about the role of hatcheries in a recent report. “It’s an extinction vortex,” Dr. Garza said, “where inbreeding accelerates the process of decline.”
  • A dorado tagged and released on December 13 off Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was recaptured nineteen days later 500 miles south. The tagging project by Gray Fishtag Research hopes to use the research findings to persuade Mexico to enforce the commercial fishing ban on this sportfishing-only species.
  • Since 2000, the Colorado River Basin has been experiencing historic, extended drought conditions. A new interactive website from the Department of the Interior explains the drought’s long-lasting effects.
  • A hot summer and low water flows devastated Snake River sockeye populations, with around 90 percent of Snake River sockeye dying before they reached Ice Harbor Dam. Read more via Northwest Public Radio.
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Tippets: Goodrich’s Fly Hacks, Three-knot Anglers, Finding Fontinalis

  • David Goodrich is back at the tying bench with a new installment of “Fly Hacks.” Learn some great tips and how to tie the “Headless Horseman” here.
  • In a recent editorial, Kirk Deeter addresses head-on the topic of “growing the sport” of fly fishing and why its future is with what he calls “three-knot anglers.” Read more at Angling Trade.
  • Travis Lowe, maker of the new film “Finding Fontinalis,” talks to Lisa Laco on CBC Radio-Canada about the world record brook trout that was the inspiration for his new feature film, now touring with the Fly Fishing Film Tour.
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Video Hatch: “Seclusion”

This short film from Kyle Hunter offers some great footage of fly fishing for tarpon in overlooked waters of Florida.
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Tippets: Tying Talk with Charlie Craven, Prehistoric Ants on the Flathead, Winter Steelhead

  • In the most recent episode of The Itinerant Angler podcast, fly tier and innovator Charlie Craven discusses the details that make a difference in a fly’s design, and what separates commercial fly tiers from hobbyists. Listen here.
  • A fossilized prehistoric ant species was recently discovered in Montana’s Flathead River. Read more about the discovery by paleontologist Dale Greenwalt in a recent article via Smithsonian.
  • Mike McCune talks about winter steelhead on the Sage blog. From basic theories on fish, to casts and tactics, read his six great mantras to keep in mind when out on the water.
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How to Tie a Snowflake Sculpin

New Jersey tier John Collins demonstrates how to tie his Snowflake Sculpin.  As videographer Tim Flagler says, “It’s anybody’s guess why this pattern works so well in the late fall and winter. But, as they say, the proof is in the pudding.”

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