Tippets: History of Entomology and Fly Fishing, Science of Shade

  • Michael P. Parrella follows the history of entomology in fly fishing, from the first recorded artificial fly that dates back to historian Claudius Aileanus describing an insect Macedonians were trying to imitate with feathers, to modern-day fly design. Read the article published in the Spring 2013 issue of American Entomologist freely online via Oxford Journals.
  • Predatory species of fish use shade to ambush prey. In a recent article on Active Angling New Zealand, Alan Bulmer explains how to use this fact for success when angling.
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Video Hatch: “The Unicorn of Fish”

In this beautifully shot short film Jeroen Wohe, owner of Skeena River Lodge, shares his thoughts on fly fishing for steelhead. Via Get Away Tours.
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Tippets: Tail Scale, Jim Murphy Consultancy Business, Tenkara Flies

  • The Nørre Tail Scale™ is a new, easy way to accurately measure fish. View their kickstarter campaign for more information.
  • Former Hardy North America head and founder of Douglas Outdoors, Jim Murphy has announced his own consultancy business for the worldwide fly fishing market. He will focus on design and supply chain solutions and will offer consultancy for sales and marketing strategies. Read more via Angling International.
  • Tom Sadler writes about the design philosophy of tenkara flies and the new line of tenkara-specific flies available from Umpqua Feather Merchants. Via Hatch Magazine.
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Renzetti’s Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair

The 5th annual Renzetti Fly Fishing and Rod Building Fair will be held Dec 4 and 5th, 2015, in Titusville, FL. Proceeds from the event will go to benefit Casting for Recovery Florida and Project Healing Waters.

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How to Tie a Classic Catskill Dry with Hackle Tip Wings

The classic Catskill-style Dry Fly with Hackle Tip Wings is the subject of this week’s featured tying video.  Matt Grobert demonstrates the steps and ties the fly with all-pink materials in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Tippets: Harrison Poem, Rights to Water

  • A new poem by Jim Harrison is featured in Narrative Magazine. “Only two more months to the fishing opener and the dry flies and streamers are impatiently waiting.” Read “Weak Winter Sun” freely online here.
  • While access to waterways is fundamental to the sport, “as anglers, we regularly invest more time, energy and financial resources into tips, tricks and tackle than we do ensuring our right to use them.” Matthew Copeland writes about public access and water laws across the country, via Stalking the Seam.
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Video Hatch: “Limay”

This short film was shot on one of the largest rivers in Argentine Patagonia, the Limay, and features Tim Rajeff of Rajeff Sports and Argentinian guide Óscar Dono of Fly Fishing Patagonia.Via Todd Moen and Catch Magazine.
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Tippets: Care for Reese, Art of Josh DeSmit, Choosing & Using Indicators

  • Reese Ferguison (Hank Patterson’s sidekick in his series of videos) has battled cancer for over 3 years. Now in hospice, Reese is in real need of some support. Visit the GoFundMe page to help“Care for Reese.”
  • Josh DeSmit is an artist whose work fuses street art, spray paint, and the outdoors. He writes about his work and a “Classic DIY Backcountry Trip” in Colorado in a recent post on Moldy Chum.
  • Love them or hate them, writes Matt McCannel, “indicators will improve your success when you need to control an exact depth when nymphing.” Read more on choosing and using indicators via the Sage blog.
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Video Hatch: “Where the West Begins”

This short film tells the story of the work being done to protect the headwaters of the Snake River from invasive species. Via Orijin Media.
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Tippets: Anatomy of a Fly Rod, Fish as Athletes, Chasing Trophy Browns

  • Even for experienced anglers, fly rod terminology can be difficult to decode. In a recent piece rod-maker Larry Kenney helps define the gear lingo of the sport.
  • Fish might be the world’s best athletes for their ability to use and release oxygen. Their “enhanced oxygen delivery may be one of the most important adaptations of their 400-million-year evolutionary history,” say researchers. Via The Washington Post.
  • From presentation and location to timing and conditions, Louis Cahill outlines how to stack the odds in your favor when chasing trophy brown trout. Via Gink & Gasoline.
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