Coalition Calls on Congress to Boost Conservation Funding

A growing coalition of more than 1,200 conservation-minded groups urged congressional leaders to enact a 2-percent increase in funding for conservation, outdoors and historic preservation programs for fiscal year 2016.

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Tippets: Top Pick Nymphs, Asian Carp Moving Closer, Seven Knots

  • When there isn’t a specific insect or hatch fish are honing in on, sometimes the key is to have a fly that is all things to all fish. If such a fly exists, you’ll find it in a recent list of suggestions of nymphs compiled by Bryan Eldredge.
  • Brian Kozminski examines the Great Lakes fishery and what’s at stake from encroaching Asian carp populations. “We’ve been here before, invasive species are not a new thing. In fact, we have almost 200 invasive species of flora to fauna in the Great Lakes,” he writes. However, the threat Asian carp pose is perhaps the biggest challenge yet.
  • With clear shots and precise directions, Zach Dalton shows how to tie 7 of the most popular fly fishing knots for attaching a fly to tippet material in a short instructional film from RIO.
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New Books from Harrison and McGuane

Two of fly fishing’s literary greats have recently released new books. Jim Harrison’s novel, “The Big Seven” is reviewed by Smith Henderson in The New York Times.  And Tom McGuane’s “Crow Fair: Stories,” released on March 3, was recently reviewed by Alan Cheuse for NPR.

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Video Hatch: “A Fly Fisherman’s Moment”

This short film features the beauty of fly fishing in British Columbia, Nunavut and the Yukon territory. Via Inveterate Film.

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Tippets: Guiding Lessons, Gateway to Musky

  • Kent Klewein shares two great lessons learned from Bahamian fly fishing guides: have a great attitude, and stay calm when things get technical. Read more on how these can be applied to any fishing situation, via Gink & Gasoline.
  • Fishing for smallmouth bass can be a good introduction (and gateway) to chasing musky on the fly. Kip Vieth of Wildwood Float Trips explains the connection in a recent article.
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How to Tie Higa’s SOS

Higa’s SOS (“Save Our Skin”) is the featured fly tying pattern of the week.  Tim Flagler shows how to use plunger-style hackle pliers to make handling the small hook easier, and how a magnetic strip on the end of a popsicle stick makes manipulating small beads a breeze.

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“Keep ‘em Wet” Photo Contest

The Native Fish Society recently launched its “Keep ‘em Wet” campaign to increase awareness about the negative effects of air exposure to wild fish and educate anglers on best practices for catch and release fishing. Now through May 31st 2015, NFS will be holding a photo contest for the best picture of a wild, native fish from the Pacific Northwest with at minimum its gills in the water. Visit their website for more details.

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Call for Applicants: Fellowship at the National Sporting Library & Museum

The National Sporting Library & Museum is seeking applicants for its annual John H. Daniels Fellowship, which supports scholars with funding to research and the institution.

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Video Hatch: “Chuitna: More Than Salmon On The Line Trailer”

This short film chronicles the journey of fly fishermen who travel to Alaska’s Chuitna Watershed to fight against the proposed Chuitna Coal Mine that threatens the Chuitna salmon runs.

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Stalking Birdies and Bones

Golfing legend Jack Nicklaus compares stalking birdies in a major tournament to stalking bonefish on a salt flat. “I think that bonefishing combines hunting, it combines calculation of where the fish could be, what the tides are, what the moon is, time of day,” Nicklaus says. “It forces you to figure out what’s going on.” Read more about Nicklaus and his passion for fly fishing in a recent article by Steve Waters in The Sun Sentinel via PGA.

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