AFFTA Calls for Change in Florida

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has released a statement calling for members to contact Florida leaders and “request that they introduce and support legislation that finds long term solutions to this ongoing problem and provide fiscal and restoration relief for those affected.”

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Tippets: Trail Work for Greenbacks, Return of Alligator Gar, Balancing Pelicans and Trout

  • Work to re-route trails near the Bear Creek population of greenback cutthroat trout will protect the creek from erosion and the unique population from sediment from the hiking and biking trails. Via The Colorado Springs Gazette.
  • Alligator gar are being re-stocked in Illinois lakes to combat Asian carp. And “Illinois lawmakers passed a resolution urging state natural resources officials to speed up its program and adopt regulations to protect all four gar species native to the state,” reports Tammy Webber of the Associated Press.
  • Nesting pelicans on Gull Island in Blackfoot Reservoir eat a daily five pounds of fish each, some of which are the native Yellowstone cutthroat trout. “It’s going to take several years of meeting pelican objectives before we have a balance that will work with cutthroat trout objectives,” says David Teuscher, Idaho Department of Fish and Game regional fisheries manager. Kris Millgate writes about feathers vs. fins in this article via The Nature Conservancy.
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Video Hatch: “We Fish The Gaula”

This short film features the Norwegian Flyfishers Club and their beats of the Gaula River in Norway. Via Inwaders Media.
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Fly Fishing Montana

Jon Gluck writes about fly fishing Montana’s rivers while recounting the classic novella A River Runs Through It. “Catholics have the Vatican, Muslims have Mecca,” writes Gluck. “But to the fly-fishing faithful, there is no more sacred destination than the Big Blackfoot River in Montana.” Via The New York Times.

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Video Hatch: “Floating the Yak”

In this short film from Gink & Gasoline, guide Nate Rollie talks about his experience and love for the Yakima river and its trout.
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How to Tie the Brooks Sprout Midge Emerger

The Brooks Sprout Midge Emerger is the featured pattern in this week’s tying video. A basic sprout midge pattern authored by Bob Brooks, it’s a remarkably adaptable pattern that can be tied in a wide variety of colors and sizes, though it is most often tied in the size 18 to 24 range.

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Tippets: California Gold Country, Catching Kings on the Fly

  • In a recent essay on The Trout Life, David Whitehouse, co-founder of The Sierra Standard, writes about fly fishing the Sierra Nevada highcountry for native golden trout. “The hunt for gold in California has never been easy,” writes Whitehouse. “Even though you will likely find yourself, much like me, exhausted from a multi-day excursion in search of gold in the Sierras, just remember – if you put in the effort, it will pay off.”
  • From fly color amd size, to location and keeping a journal, Mike Lunde writes about ways to catch more king salmon on the fly in this article via Sage.
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New Exhibitors at 2017 Fly Fishing Shows

The 2017 lineup of Fly Fishing Shows will feature many first-time exhibitors, announced president and CEO Ben Furimsky. New exhibitors include the likes of Adipose Boatworks, Fly Fusion Magazine, and Fishpond.

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Tippets: Interview with Beau Beasley, Fly Tying Innovation

  • Outdoor writer Beau Beasley talks about his work with veterans, his favorite fall fishing run, and the secret life of bluegills in a recent interview on 52 Week Season.
  • Highly pressured waters create selective trout, which in turn pushes innovation in new fly patterns. “This constant evolution is creative and engaging, and makes fly tying an artistic pursuit worthy to stand on its own,” writes Ross Purnell. “On the water, these new flies give us an edge that is partly psychological, but it is real nonetheless.” Via Fly Fisherman.
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Video Hatch: “Johnny Disconi”

This short film from Sweden features creative animation of the Ephemera vulgate hatch and is a delight to watch. Via Samfundet.
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