Tippets: Pikes Peak Women Anglers, Tips for Winter Water Safety

  • The Colorado Springs-based group Pikes Peak Women Anglers aims to help more women become interested in and succeed in a sport dominated by men. In this article, Seth Boster highlights the group’s achievements and goals for the future of fly fishing. Via The Denver Post.
  • From safety concerns for anglers and fish alike to fly size and indicators, don’t miss great tips for winter fly fishing from RepYourWater.
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Video Hatch: “Wyoming Wilderness”

This short film from Benjamin Kraushaar shows that sometimes a long hike in is worth the extra effort.
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Tippets: Video Footage of Aldo Leopold, River Kit Picks

  • Stephen Laubach, author of Living a Land Ethic, points to recently discovered video footage of Aldo Leopold. “Seeing Leopold triumphantly net a trout, cook up burned pancakes, and banter with his sons as they devoured their blackened breakfast allowed me to relate in new ways to a man I had come to revere,” Lauback writes. “Beyond the mental imagery painted by his lyrical writing, the movements and facial expressions captured on film humanized Leopold and bridged the generations that separated us.”
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, find great gear picks in this short post via Gear Patrol. From waders and socks to fly boxes and sunscreen, read more here.
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Happy Thanksgiving from MidCurrent

Humility, wonder, optimism, friendship.  Those are just a few of the things we think of when we recognize what fly fishing has given us during this season of thanks-giving.

The staff of MidCurrent hopes your holiday season begins with good company, great conversation, and fine fishing.

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Autumn Migrations

Two great migrations happen every autumn in Nova Scotia: “The first consists of hundreds of Atlantic salmon, returning to their natal river to spawn after a year, or sometimes longer, spent in the ocean. […] The other is made up of legions of anglers from all over the world who flock to the Margaree in the hopes of connecting with one of those Atlantic salmon.” Read more about the tradition of Atlantic salmon fishing from Monte Burke in The New York Times.

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Tippets: Snake River Hatchery, Canadian Mining Boom, Rethinking Salmon Conservation

  • An Idaho hatchery intended to help salmon populations might instead be pushing them closer to the brink. While a recent report from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game blames water chemistry, “Idaho Rivers United, an environmental group, blasted the report as more reasons for removing four dams on the lower Snake River that impede salmon.” Via AP News.
  • British Columbia and Alaska are home to storied and productive salmon waters. They are also home to rich mineral deposits.  And “while the fly fishing industry has been focusing on that one large proposed mine in Bristol Bay,” writes Garth Lenz, “there has been a mining boom in British Columbia that threatens our shared salmon rivers.”
  • In this recent article in The Idaho Statesman, Rocky Barker examines the question of whether the conservation work being done for salmon is doing more harm than good. “What if the billions of human-raised fish rob food from native fish competing in the limited waters of damaged ecosystems? What if by focusing on creating more fish for people to catch and eat, we’ve simply pushed the weakened salmon closer to extinction?”
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Video Hatch: “Salmon fly fishing on Tornio River in Pello in Lapland”

This video from Travel Pello Lapland highlights salmon fly fishing in Lapland in Finland and in Sweden. 
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Tippets: Iceland’s Fisherwomen, Strategies for Tailwater Browns

  • Cultural anthropologist Margaret Willson researches Icelandic fisherwomen and why the role of women in fisheries around the world is often overlooked. “Around the world, women collect shellfish along the shore and process catches from boats, but communities and researchers often discount these contributions.” Read more via Sapiens.
  • From reading the water to retrieve techniques, and gear decisions to fly patterns, Blane Chocklett writes about “Flies and Strategies for Big Tailwater Browns” in this article via Fly Fisherman.
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Video Hatch: “Fishing BC Presents: Swinging Flies for Salmon”

This short film features Yos Gladstone of Chromer Sport Fishing using two-handed rods and streamers to fish for salmon in the rivers near Squamish. Via Fishing B.C. Continue reading

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Tippets: Autumn Dry Fly Fishing, Making the First Cast Count

  • From fly and tippet size to the hookset, Spencer Durrant outlines strategies for fishing dry flies in autumn conditions. “Dries in the fall are a special occasion, and fishing them makes up a good majority of my favorite fishing memories. Go out this year, find a beaver pond or really long, soft stretch of calm water in your local river, and give it a shot. You might be surprised at how much fun you have.” Via Postfly Box.
  • In a recent instructional video, Pete Kutzer demonstrates two ways to prepare for the first cast on the water. “If you’ve got something light at the end of your line–a dry fly or small wet fly–you can simply make a bow-and-arrow cast,” writes Phil Monahan. “With a heavier streamer or nymph set up, a roll cast makes more sense. So try these methods to starts your fishing day off right.” Via Orvis.
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