Tippets: Fishing the Spanish Pyrenees, Thread Basics

  • The Spanish Pyrenees are an overlooked locale of the angling world. Charles Gaines gets readers up to speed on the secret in a recent piece via Condé Nast Traveler. “Aside from a few pages in The Sun Also Rises, the Pyrenees are one of the sport’s best-kept secrets and is teeming with spring fed creeks.”
  • Getting back to important basics, Andreas Lestander demonstrates how to start and end thread when tying a fly. “Attaching thread and being able to finish securely is fundamental, and therefore deserves a video of its own.” Read and view more via The Limp Cobra.
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Tippets: On Switch Lines, Using Science to Catch Bonefish

  • Dissecting the history and development of switch lines, John Arnold writes an informational piece about why they might not be the right choice for most anglers. “While I’ll admit that in the last 2 years I have finally seen some usable switch lines, they still represent such a huge compromise that there is no way I can recommend them, nor have I ever met an experienced caster who prefers them over Spey lines.” Read more via Headhunters Fly Shop.
  • Justin Lewis, fisheries scientist and Bahamas Initiative Manager for Bonefish Tarpon Trust, shares tips and tactics for using science and data to help you catch more bonefish. Via the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast.
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Reese Ferguison, Co-star of Hank Patterson Videos, Passes

Reese Ferguison, also known as “Crazy Reese” in the Hank Patterson films, has passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 46. “Please take a moment today and the next time you are on a river to remember Crazy Reese,” asks Travis Swartz (who plays Hank), “and the smiles and laughs he’s brought to your lives.” Read more about Reese in this tribute by Phil Monahan.

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Tippets: Rotenone Red Flags, Companies and Conservation, Saving Atlantic Salmon, California’s “Miracle March”

  • The New Mexico Game and Fish Department’s plan to use rotenone to help re-establish native Gila trout populations in waterways in the Gila National Forest is raising safety concerns for those handling the chemical. “Recent studies have directly linked rotenone exposure to an individual’s likelihood of developing Parkinson’s disease, and some scientists say the pesticide’s threat to humans and the environment should be studied further.” Via The Santa Fe New Mexican.
  • Increasingly, companies are leading the way when it comes to “causes.” In a recent article, Monte Burke highlights “Environment Friendly Fly Fishing Companies” such as Orvis, Costa, and Patagonia. “Sure, these companies sell products, and their green initiatives are certainly good for public relations. But they also do real, effective work on behalf of the planet.” Via Fly Fisherman.
  • Federal officials say the key to saving Atlantic salmon in American waters will require the U.S. to put pressure on fishermen in Greenland to stop traditional harvests. An ambitious new plan “involves removing dams, creating fish passages and fostering cooperation with Inuit fishermen.” Via The Portland Press Herald.
  • After years of drought, some of California’s largest reservoirs have approached flood-level operations due to spring precipitation, which brought double the average for the month. “We’ve had several Miracle Marches over the decades and I think that this one,” says John Leahigh, director of water operations for the State Water Project. Via Capital Public Radio.
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New Fly Fishing Books

  • Lime Creek Odyssey by Steven J. Meyers is a collection of essays exploring the nature of self, place, tradition, and humanity through the author’s fly fishing trips to Lime Creek. The essays also explore loss and grief, and finding healing in water and nature, in the tradition of Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and Desert Solitaire. WestWinds Press, The Pruett Series (April 5, 2016).
  • Joan Wulff’s New Fly-Casting Techniques by Joan Wulff is a newly released second edition of the original, which revolutionized the approach to the sport. This edition includes improvements and refinements to the original book, with illustrations by David Shepherd. To date, the most comprehensive book written on fly casting. Lyons Press; 2 edition (paperback) April 1, 2016.
  • Fly Fishing the Bighorn River: Hatches, Fly Patterns, Access, and Guides’ Advice by Steve Galletta is a detailed guide for this area in southern Montana. The book includes over 60 of the best guide patterns, interviews with the river’s top guides, and detailed information about access points.  A comprehensive resource for any angler headed to the Bighorn. Headwater Books [Kindle Edition] (March 16, 2016).
  • Southeast’s Best Fly Fishing: Premier trout streams and rivers of Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky by James Buice is an essential reference book for locals and traveling anglers alike. The book includes photos, detailed hatch charts, photos and recipes of the most effective fly patterns, and insider information from local guides and outfitters. Headwater Books [Kindle Edition] (March 16, 2016).
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Video Hatch: “Orri’s Quest for Atlantic Salmon”

Orri Vigfússon, founder of the North Atlantic Salmon Foundation, and Ross Purnell of Fly Fisherman Magazine share their experience fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland’s Fljotáa River. Via Eleven Experience.
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Tippets: Fluorocarbon vs. Mono Leaders, “The Revenant” Author’s Day Job, Spring Smallmouth Bass

  • Jay Nicholas writes an in-depth comparison of the different fluorocarbon and mono steelhead leaders available, and the benefits and drawbacks to each. Via The Caddis Fly.
  • From a childhood fly fishing and hunting in Wyoming to a “day job” as the deputy United States Trade Representative and the United States ambassador to the World Trade Organization, Michael Punke leads an interesting life. Punke is also the author of the novel, “The Revenant,” a recent Oscar nominee. Via The New York Times.
  • Early spring pre-spawn is one of the best times to target smallmouth bass. Kip Vieth of Wildwood Float Trips writes about five key tips for smallmouth success. Via Orvis.
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How to Tie a Kaleidoscope Midge

John Collins demonstrates the steps for tying his Kaleidoscope Midge, or “K Midge,” in this week’s featured tying video. “The K Midge is so simple to tie, we’re going to show it to you in three different variations,” says videographer Tim Flagler.

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Tippets: Tying the Jigawockie, Choosing Tippet Size, Spring Flies for Montana

  • A new series from Loon Outdoors features videos of fly tying tutorials. In the most recent installment, learn to tie the Jigawockie, “A jig nymph with a hot spot and the perfect amount of flash.”
  • Most anglers know tippet size is important when fishing dry flies, but as Kent Klewein writes, it can be equally as important when fishing for nymphs, and is imperative for a good presentation. “There’s times on the water when the choice of tippet size can be just as critical from one type of fly pattern to the next, and that goes for a fly on or below the surface.”
  • With the change of seasons, an assessment of flies in your box is a good idea. Read about the top flies for early spring waters in Montana, from John Way of The Tackle Shop.
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Video Hatch: “People We Met”

This short film from Hooké features the discovery of new friends on the great Bow River in southern British Columbia.
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