Tippets: 58 Terms for Water, Tying the Hotwire Caddis

  • Covering everything from lochs and ghylls to bights and freshets, Meg Neal writes a guide to different terms for water from across the world. “Considering that humankind has from the very beginning subsisted on, resided near and built civilizations around water, it’s not too surprising that English and other languages are overflowing with terminology to describe the various forms aquatic geology.” Via Atlas Obscura.
  • In preparation for the tiny nymphs of winter, follow along with this instructional video for tying the hotwire caddis, via Postfly Box. “The Hotwire Caddis is the perfect fly for you to fool big trout all season long before your world freezes over.”
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Video Hatch: “Movember”

In this episode of Redington’s “Find Your Water” series anglers Paul and Adam swing flies in Montana’s less-advertised late season.
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Tippets: On Drift Boats, Whitaker Credits Vokey

  • If you’re in the market for a drift boat, don’t miss this advice from veteran angler Todd Tanner. From storage to material, and trusted companies to consider, read his article before you buy via Hatch Magazine.
  • Bill Whitaker credits a story he created on April Vokey for Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports with clinching his full-time correspondent position. “April Vokey is the reason I’m sitting at this desk,” says Whitaker. A framed poster on his office wall has her quote from the 60 Minutes Sports piece: “Adventure may hurt you but monotony might kill you.” Via The Los Angeles Times.
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Tippets: Great Lakes and Oil Pipelines, Farmed and Wild Salmon Interbreeding, Goldfish Invasion

  • A new film, “Great Lakes, Bad Lines,” tells the story of two Michigan natives and their quest to raise awareness of the dangers Enbridge Oil’s Line 5 poses to the Great Lakes and inland waters of Michigan. “Through the lens of adventure, personal stories, and natural beauty, this film highlights the ecosystems and livelihoods that are at risk.”
  • A recent study by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has confirmed escaped farmed salmon are interbreeding with wild salmon in many rivers in Newfoundland. “We have seen already in Newfoundland the entire south coast salmon populations have been assessed as threatened and aquaculture has been named as one of the threats to those populations,” says Steve Sutton of the Atlantic Salmon Federation. “We’ve seen those populations decline and now we are finally starting to see the mechanism around those reductions.” Via CBC News.
  • Steph Yin reports on a goldfish invasion of the Vasse River in Australia. “Goldfish are one of the world’s worst invasive aquatic species, with outbreaks also having been reported in Nevada, Colorado and Alberta, Canada,” writes Yin. Read more on how discarded household pets become harmful pests via The New York Times.
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Video Hatch: “See Happy with SPY’s Ahmet Dadali”

Professional film skier Ahmet Dadali talks about the balance he finds by spending his summers fishing as he waits for winter to return. Via SPY Optics. Also read more about Dadali in this recent profile on GrindTV.
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Tippets: Casting Drills, Tanner’s “Seeking Absolution”

  • The time to practice casting isn’t out on the water, writes Zach Matthews. He outlines five drills for improving your cast for fall fishing success, in this article via The Itinerant Angler.
  • There’s an inherent tension in fly fishing, writes Todd Tanner. “When I catch a fish and kill it for my dinner, I’m consciously depleting a precious resource. At the same time, when I catch a fish and release it, I’m showing the world that my desire to hook and play that fish — a clear manifestation of my ego — is more important than whatever negative impacts may arise from my actions.” Read his piece, “Seeking Absolution,” via Hatch Magazine.
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Video Hatch: “A Tribute to Carp”

McLean Worsham highlights the difficulty and reward of chasing carp on the fly.
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Tippets: Labash on Trophy Rainbows, BTT Photo Contest

  • Matt Labash weighs in on trophy rainbows and educating freshly stocked trout in his recent column in The Weekly Standard (see page 2). “It’s a useful arrangement for both me and the fish. I add plenty of rainbows to my fish log. The rainbows get a crash course on what not to eat, now that the pellet buffet is closed.”
  • The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust Keep ‘Em Wet photo contest will run September 21, 2016 through December 15, 2016. The contest is sponsored by Orvis in partnership with Keep ‘Em Wet Fishing, YETI Coolers, ARC Fishing, Montauk Tackle and Fishpond. For details on prizes and how to enter, visit the BTT website.
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Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures Establishes Community and Conservation Foundation

Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures has announced the establishment of the Yellow Dog Community and Conservation Foundation, which will help build partnerships and support conservation efforts in fishing destinations around the world.

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