Tippets: Changes in Plans, Fishing Hoppers

  • From delayed flights to changes in weather, in this article Patrick Straub writes about what to do when your fly fishing trip doesn’t go as planned. “Fly-fishing travel, whether to saltwater destinations or mountain trout streams, often feels like high stakes gambling,” writes Straub. “But what’s at stake, and the reward, is entirely subjective and ever-changing.” Via Explore Big Sky.
  • When fishing grasshopper patterns it can be hard to keep the fly in the feeding zone of trout, and snags on banks are inevitable. Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop demonstrates how to deal with a hung-up hopper in this video. Via Orvis.
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AFFTA Announces Fisheries Fund Grantees

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced the newest recipients of AFFTA Fisheries Fund grants: the St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana Black Mangrove Planting Program and Keepemwet Fishing.

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Video Hatch: “Sunsets & Cocktails Episode 1: The Banjo Valley”

In a new web series from Jazz & Flyfishing, this first episode features the beauty of the clear lakes and large brown trout of The Banjo Valley north of the Arctic Circle.

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Tippets: “High Rise Holding Water,” Mastering the 3-Point Grip

  • In a recent essay published in Big Sky Journal, author and fly fishing guide Miles Nolte writes about spending his time between two disparate locales: Montana and New York City. “Moving to New York was never part of my plan, but, now that I’m here, it’s not nearly as dreadful as I had feared. It’s not Montana, but to be honest, sometimes that’s why I appreciate it.
  • Jason Borger, author of the new book Single-Handed Fly Casting, demonstrates the key 3-point grip in this instructional video.
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Tippets: Mining Tailings in B.C. Streams, The Shrinking Colorado River, Maryland Wastewater Debate

  • Seabridge Gold Inc. has been given federal government approval to use upper tributaries of the North Treaty and South Teigen Creeks for tailings from their planned mine. The two fish-bearing creeks “will be used for 2.3 billion tons of toxic tailings from the proposed Kerr-Sulphurets-Mitchell (KSM) mine in northwest B.C., wiping out habitat for several populations of small Dolly Varden fish.” Via Desmog Canada.
  • The two largest reservoirs in the United States, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, have not recovered from years of drought conditions, compounded by climate change. “Approximately one-third of the flow loss is due to high temperatures now common in the basin, a result of human-caused climate change. Previous comparable droughts were caused by a lack of precipitation, not high temperatures.” Read more via The Conversation.
  • “Anglers, environmental groups, and at least one streamside landowner are voicing concern about the Maryland’s Department of the Environment’s tentative decision to permit a sewage plant to discharge into two Maryland streams.” Timothy B. Wheeler reports on the heated debate, via Bay Journal.
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New Fly Fishing Books

  • Riverwatcher: A Fly-Fishing Mystery by Ronald Weber takes readers to the northern Michigan town of Ossning, a quiet place known for its trout-packed Borchard River and now, a murder. The book perfectly captures “what happens when a grisly crime disturbs the serenity of small-town life Riverwatcher is a classic and entertaining whodunit.” Skyhorse Publishing (paperback), Reprint edition (July 11, 2017).
  • Wide and Deep: Tales and Recollections from a Master Maine Fishing Guide by Randy Spencer is a collection of stories from a life spent on the water. “Whether they are stories of joy or of pain, there is nothing like listening to Randy Spencer, and Wide and Deep perfectly captures the moments on the water that people wait their entire lives for and spend the rest of their lives remembering.” Skyhorse Publishing; Reprint edition (July 18, 2017).
  • The Next Valley Over: An Angler’s Progress by Charles Gaines is a collection of the best essays from the acclaimed sporting and adventure writer “the Next Valley Over chronicles exploits in exotic locations with eccentric characters. In the process of his quest of nearly every species known to man, Gaines explores what we are really searching for when we fish.”Skyhorse Publishing; Reprint edition, Kindle Edition (July 25, 2017).
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Tippets: Hoot Owl Restrictions in Montana, Nail Knot the Old School Way

  • High water temperatures and low stream flows have prompted “hoot owl” restrictions on several rivers in Southwest Montana. The closures affect the Big Hole River, Lower Beaverhead, Lower Madison, Lower Gallatin, East Gallatin, and the Jefferson River. Find more information on the restrictions via the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks website.
  • The nail knot is commonly used as one of the best ways to connect a fly line and a leader. In this video, Idaho guide Dub Paetz demonstrates how to tie the knot with its namesake, a nail. Tom Rosenbauer explains more about this “old school” technique, via Orvis.
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Video Hatch: “One Man’s Trash”

This short film from Winged Reel features fly fishing in the remote areas of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.
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Tippets: Rigging Dry-Droppers, Fishing Gyeonji in South Korea

  • In a new instructional video from Anglers All fly shop, Doug Garvey demonstrates how to easily add a dropper fly to a dry-dropper rig or double nymph rig. “This is essentially a clinch knot on the bend of the hook, however this method makes adding additional flies to your rig much faster.”
  • Jung-Hoon Park, an angler in South Korea, uses a gyeonji to fish for river carp. A gyeonji, is a traditional Korean fishing method dating back at least 300 years, and is “a way to honor Korean history and tradition,” he explains. Watch a video highlighting this technique, via The Great Big Story.
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How to Tie a Casual Dress

It’s not just for Fridays.  The Casual Dress, notes tier and videographer Tim Flagler, “requires only two materials, is a pleasure to tie and does a remarkable job of attracting trout.”  While showing the steps, Tim reveals a neat treat trick for cording up your dubbing to make a fly body look segmented.

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