Tippets: Flies for Winter Trout, Impacts of Catch and Release

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Video Hatch: “The Lifecycle of Dams”

There are over 1,400 dams in California, which alter its streams and rivers. These dams are the biggest factor in the decline of native salmon and steelhead.  This video from California Trout highlights the work being done to restore ecosystems and native fish populations.
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Tippets: Streamer Chronicles with Alex Lafkas, Switch vs. Spey Rods

  • Episode 3 of Streamer Chronicles from Fly Fishing the Ozarks features Alex Lafkas, a guide in Michigan and Arkansas who has had great influence on the big streamer game on the White River, Arkansas. Watch here.
  • From their history and origins to differing grips and actions, Louis Cahill writes about what defines switch and spey rods in a recent post on Gink & Gasoline. If you’re interested in trying these styles, don’t miss this read.
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Video Hatch: “Flurries”

This short film from Dead Drift Fly Fishing highlights the beauty and solitude of late fall fly fishing in Wyoming.
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Tippets: Streamwalker Nets, Physics of Spey Casting

  • Leif Mermagen makes nets by hand in upstate New York. Matt Smythe highlights his work and craft philosophy for Streamwalker Nets in an interview published in POST Magazine.
  • Physics is physics, writes Aitor Coteron, and it “governs the phenomena involved in the art of throwing a line with a pole in exactly the same way, whatever the brand, length or taper of your rod and line, and the waters and fish you are after, be it in Scandinavia or in the Pacific North West.” Read part one and part two of his instructional series on spey casting via One More Last Cast.
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Tippets: Broken Promise of Hatcheries, Boundary Waters Mines Rejected, Montana Quiet Waters Initiative

  • In a recent article Kurt Beardslee writes about the broken promise of fish hatcheries. “In a cruel irony, the government’s solution to wild fish loss has been a century-long ecological and genetic war on wild salmon and steelhead.” Via The Cleanest Line.
  • Federal agencies have rejected proposed mines near Minnesota’s Boundary Waters. “The decision halts a proposed sulfide-ore copper mine project from destroying the pristine waters of America’s most popular wilderness area – a prime hunting, fishing and recreation destination that helps support 17,000 jobs and drive $850 million in economic activity annually.” Via National Wildlife Foundation.
  • The Montana Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers has proposed a “Quiet Waters Initiative,” which would regulate advanced motorized technology on Montana’s waterways. Comment and take action here.
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Casting Call for Cub Cadet

A casting call has been announced for outdoor power equipment company Cub Cadet. Hunters and anglers, both men and women, are needed, and the pay is $2500 for one day of work.

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Tippets: Targeting Roosterfish, Casting Style vs. Technique

  • Roosterfish are hard-fighting and elusive.  If you plan on pursuing them with a fly rod don’t miss great advice from Kyle Banashek, ranging from travel logistics to gear and technique. Via Gink & Gasoline.
  • In this recent article John Juracek writes about the difference between casting “style” vs. casting “technique,” and the confusion that often exists between the two. “I do think we’re better off when we recognize our shortcomings and work to improve them, rather than shielding them behind the guise of ‘style.’” Via Hatch Magazine.
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Video Hatch: “Expedition Taimen”

In the remote wilderness of Russia anglers go to extremes for the opportunity to cast to taimen. Via Black Fly Eyes.
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Tippets: Steelhead Presentation Technique, Let the Fly Ride

  • In this short instructional video from Sage learn how to present flies while steelheading. Techniques covered include: reading water, and profile, speed and fly depth.
  • The typical reaction to an errant cast is to pick up the line and re-cast. But this might be doing more harm than good, writes Daniel Galhardo. “When your fly doesn’t land there, try letting it ride and see what happens. After all the fly that is in the water is the fly that catches the fish, and fish are not only in the places we suppose they will be.” Via Gink & Gasoline.
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