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Video: Flycraft Stealth Fishing Watercraft


If you’re the type of person that likes fishing from boats and doesn’t have the space to store a trailer, raft or drift boat but wants something rugged, river worthy and well designed, do yourself a favor and check out … more

Redington Launches New Website Focused on Consumer Experience

Redington has announced the launch of a new website designed with detailed information for the beginning to veteran angler. “Our new site emphasizes the incredible product we create and the adventure stories of the people who live it,” explains marketing … more

Video: The World’s Best Rod Holder for Rafts

I’ve struggled for years with how to go about setting up a rod holder on my fishing raft. I’ve built an handful, tried a few manufactured types, and sat around with friends trying to build one that would be low-profile, … more

Quick Tip: Albolene Makeup Remover As Cost-Effective Fly Floatant


Do you use “silicon type” dry fly dressing on a regular basis? Do you often run out at the wrong time? If you answered yes to those questions or you’re simply the thrifty type and have the space in your … more

DamNation Wins Audience Award at SXSW

The producers of DamNation have announced successful screenings at South by Southwest, as well as receiving the honor of winning the Audience Award for the Documentary Spotlight category.

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Dr. Jerry Ault Joins Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition Team

Front Range Anglers has announced that Dr. Jerry Ault will join the upcoming Belize Tarpon Tagging Expedition, and help to lead scientific field research and data gathering.

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OIA Launches New Market and Consumer Insight Products

The Outdoor Industry Association has announced the launch of a line of new products focused on enabling members to identify and emerging trends in the outdoor industry. “We want to understand the fundamental behaviors that shape the marketplace and translate those insights for our members, so they can make informed decisions to benefit their businesses,” says Christie Hickman, OIA’s Vice President of Market & Consumer Insights.

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Video Hatch: “FISHSKI”

Created for the Orvis Guide Rendezvous and Down The Hatch Fly Fishing Festival 2014, held recently in Missoula, this fun film short combines skiing and fishing on the banks of the Missouri River. Via Scumliner Media.

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Fairy Flies

A professor in England is getting attention as well as skepticism after claiming to have captured “fairies” on film. Amy Freeborn of The Natural History Museum takes a close look at the photos and some history, noting that classical depictions of fairies are strangely similar to chironomids: “These suspected fairies photographed by John Hyatt are in fact,” Freeborn writes, “most likely, midges.”

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Video Hatch: “Brian Porter”

Guide Brian Porter of Far Out Fly Fishing tells his story in this creative short from Raw Water Productions.

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Tippets: Oldest Message in a Bottle, Colorado Street View, Muddy Your Flies

  • A postcard sealed into a beer bottle and thrown into the sea off Germany’s Baltic coast in 1913 was recently found by a fisherman, making it the world’s oldest known message in a bottle. Via NPR.
  • Google’s recent addition of The Grand Canyon in Google Street View has its obvious benefits and some sneaking concerns. Promoted as a way to raise awareness of the shrinking Colorado River, as Jonathan Thompson writes, “If they want to save the river, Google should do a Street View of the lower reaches of the riverbed, which is often dry, if far less magnificent.” Via Adventure Journal.
  • Before making your first cast to carp, make sure to “muddy” and wet your fly to disguise any artificial smells (especially if it’s freshly tied). As Joe Cermele explains on Field & Stream, carp have an amazing sense of smell and this one precaution can increase your chances for success.
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Salmon Avoid Drought, Get Ride to Delta

Due to drought conditions and low flows on the Sacramento River, juvenile salmon are being trucked from the Coleman National Fish Hatchery to the river delta. “What this means is we’ll likely have a much better salmon fishing season in 2016, when these fish reach adulthood, then we would have otherwise gotten,” says said GGSA executive director John McManus.

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How to Build the Perfect Trout Leader

Building a Leader” is the subject of this week’s featured video.  Tim Flager covers every step in the leader-assembly process for a 10-foot 4X leader, from segment measurement to knotting.

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TU opens Registration for Green River One Fly Competition

Registration for the annual Green River One Fly is now open for the competition set to be held September 18-19, 2014, with benefits going to help conservation projects in the state.

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