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Winston Welcomes Jim Murphy to Sales Team

The R. L. Winston Rod Company has announced that Jim Murphy will join the company’s sales team. Murphy is a veteran of the fly fishing industry in product and business development and has founded three brands: Redington, Albright and Douglas. … more

Fishpond Brings Function and Style to 2017 Product Line

Thunderhead Large Submersible Duffel

Fishpond has released their new products for 2017, which all debuted at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show in Orlando July 13-15, 2016. The new products will be available fall 2016. Read more in the press release below.

New from Winston: Energy Fly Lines

Winston Energy lines

Winston has released their new Energy fly lines series, scientifically designed and engineered for precise performance for each rod weight. Read more in the press release below.

New From Bauer: The SST Fly Reel

SST press release photo

Bauer has announced the release of their new SST fly reel, which combines large arbor spool and frame design with fully sealed zero-backlash carbon fiber drag. Read more in the press release below.

Video Hatch: “Cosmo”

This short film from Yeti features the story of a local Seychelles fishing guide who provides for his family while guiding anglers in the ultimate saltwater flats destination.
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Tippets: How Hot is Too Hot, Wading for Bass

  • As summer temperatures continue to rise, it’s important to consider how hot is too hot to fish. Chad Shmukler details guidelines for stream temperature thresholds and explains how they affect trout behavior, feeding, and recovery time. Via Hatch Magazine.
  • Largemouth bass take shelter in weed beds during the heat of summer, and these can be good areas to target. “Wade-fishing weed beds is a great way to spend a morning or evening during the dog days of summer, when many trout streams seem lifeless,” writes Phil Monahan. Read tactics and techniques via Orvis.
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Tippets: Saving the Yellowstone, Good News on Animas River, Norway’s Atlantic Salmon Aquaculture, Mining Fishout Programs

  • Mike Penfold, a former Bureau of Land Management state director, has a plan to save the Yellowstone River: the Montana Recreation Waterway that would run along the river on public land, some of which is currently unrecognized. Read more about Penfold’s work via High Country News.
  • Wildlife officials say their testing shows that fish in the Animas River survived the mining wastewater spill last August with no evidence of die-offs.  “The spill drew attention to the thousands of abandoned mines throughout the West that may also pollute rivers.” Via CBS.
  • Ted Williams writes about how salmon farming in Norway is catching up to wild Atlantic salmon populations across the ocean. “Atlantic-salmon aquaculture in Norway is a catastrophe spreading around the globe like infectious salmon anemia.” Via Fly Rod & Reel.
  • Canada’s most remote northern territory, Nunavut, has given the go-ahead for Agnico Eagle Mines LTD to drain Phaser lake and relocate all of its fish. If given final approval by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, this “fishout program” will allow Agnico to expand its open pit gold mine. Via Vice.
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Video Hatch: “Kamchatka Steelhead Project”

This film from Yeti features a group of anglers as they document and preserve the legacy of Kamchatka’s Steelhead population on Russia’s eastern coast.
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Andy Mill, “The Heart of an Angler”

Once one of the country’s most promising downhill skiers, Andy Mill found a second chance at greatness through fly fishing for tarpon. “Some of his fishing friends refer to Mill as Peter Pan,” writes Monte Burke. “They mean it in a positive way. He is exuberant and exceedingly warmhearted and loves to share his knowledge.” Read Burke’s in-depth profile of Andy Mill, “The Heart of an Angler,” via Garden & Gun.

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Video Hatch: “Punk Trout”

Watch “frisky fish feeding and fighting” in this underwater footage from River Snorkel.
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Tippets: Topwater Flies for Smallmouth Bass, Fly Fishing Books

  • Summer is prime time for fishing topwater flies. From classics like the Dahlberg Diver and Gartside Gurgler to all-around damselfly patterns, Kip Vieth of Wildwood Float Trips profiles the best topwater flies for smallmouth bass.
  • Appreciation of fly fishing “naturally extends to what has been written.” For recommendations on where to start check out some of the best guide, technical, and literary books in the fly fishing genre, via Casting Across.
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How to Tie a Squirrel and Herl Bugger

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Squirrel and Herl Bugger pattern in this week’s featured fly-tying video. “When I get rolling, I can actually tie Squirrel and Herls faster than I can standard Woolly Buggers,” says Flagler.  “And it never hurts to have something just a little different to offer picky fish.

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Tippets: Underwater Photography, Intro to Fly Lines and Leaders

  • Capturing photos underwater is no doubt better for the fish, but it can be difficult for an angler to master. A recent article by Kris Millgate offers great tips for filming underwater. “I started shooting underwater footage in 2011 and I learned perfection the hard way, with a lot of losses.” Learn more from Millgate via Hatch Magazine.
  • For the beginning angler lines, leaders, and tippet can be confusing territory. Justin Pickett flattens the learning curve and outlines what you need to know in a recent post on Gink & Gasoline.
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Video: McGuane Answers “Does Fishing Mean Anything?”

Angler and award-winning author Thomas McGuane presented the talk “Does Fishing Mean Anything?” on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at the Museum of the Rockies Hager Auditorium as part of the MSU Library Trout & Salmonid Lecture Series. Trout are “emblematic of the perfection of nature,” says McGuane, and “fishing is one way, in a good way, of learning where you are,” says McGuane. Continue reading

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