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Gear Review: Patagonia Men’s Long-Sleeve Cayo Largo Shirt

Gear reviewer Robert Morselli says “no more plastic” in a plea to fishing shirt manufacturers.  Fortunately, the Patagonia Cayo Largo shirt already offers a comfortable, high-tech option for those who agree that synthetics are over-used in warm-weather apparel.  Read his … more

Quick Tip: Use Adhesive Sheet Magnets for Quick Fly Storage


Need a quick and easy solution for quick fly storage in your garage, boat, or car? Adhesive sheet magnets work wonders. No, they are not the most organized way to do things, but they are perfect for quick stowage during … more

Quick Tip: Always Secure Your Boat Anchor


The car you see above is mine.  It was t-boned in an intersection about a mile from my house from a driver who’d gone through a red light.  I was also towing a recently refurbished wooden drift boat, which sadly … more

Video: Patagonia’s “Foot Tractor” Wading Boot


In this video, Bill Klyn of Patagonia goes in-depth on the company’s revamped version of their high-end wading boot, the “foot tractor”. What the company says about their newest boot: “Here’s the problem: Steel studs, cleats or screw heads are … more

Video Hatch: “Winter Sadness 4K”

Breathtaking shots of the coldest season fill this short film from Vaidas Uselis.

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Tippets: Reading Water, Fish Farm Escapees, Matching Rod to Fly

  • Reading water can sometimes be difficult. In a short instructional video, Tom Rosenbauer breaks down where trout tend to hold in streams, and gives pointers for recognizing patterns on the water.
  • New research published in the journal Marine Policy points to inadequate technology as well as overworked employees as the cause of failures in netting and containment, resulting in salmon escaping from fish farms. Read more via Conservation Magazine.
  • On a recent trip to the Sage factory in Bainbridge, WA, Kirk Deeter was met with a paradigm shift when it comes to choosing fly rod length and weight: matching the rod to fly for best performance. “Granted, we can’t all afford different rods for different flies, and there’s definitely something to be said for versatility. But I spend too much time thinking about the fish, and too little thinking about the fly,” Deeter writes on Field & Stream.
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Video Hatch: “GEOBASS Season 2: Peacock Bass in Brazil”

The second season of GEOBASS will premiere at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic in Greenville, SC. See select footage in this trailer from Costa Sunglasses.

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Tippets: Tooth-Proof Leader, Fishing Montana

  • From mako sharks to northern pike, you’ll need a leader that’s tough enough for the task. Conway Bowman presents instructions for how to build a tooth-proof wire leader in a recent post on the Orvis blog.
  • Winter is a great time to start planning summer travel. And if you’re headed to Montana soon, don’t miss some insider information from Josh Bergan on often overlooked Belgrade, on everything from breweries to the Gallatin. Via Trout Bugs.
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How to Tie a Caddis Fly Larva

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a classic pattern, the Caddis Fly Larva. With this pattern, says Flagler, “I actually simplified things by removing the wire ribbing and changing my dubbing technique to produce what I hope will be a more effective fly.”

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“Shark Lady” Eugenie Clark Has Died

Marine conservation biologist Eugenie Clark recently passed away in Sarasota, FL. She pioneered using scuba gear to conduct underwater scientific research on sharks, dispelling myths about their danger to humans and making new discoveries about their biology. And yet her greatest legacy, says Kumar Mahadevan of Mote Marine Laboratory, may have been her “ability to connect to the general public and talk about the importance of exploration and protection of oceans and conservation of species.” Read more about Clark’s life and work via National Geographic.

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2015 Bristol Bay River & Guide Academy

Fifteen students will have the opportunity to attend the 2015 Bristol Bay River & Guide Academy, which will be held June 6-13 at Kulik Lodge in Katmai National Park. The goal of the academy is to train Alaska’s youth to be sport fishing guides in their local communities and tourism industries.

Read more in the press release below.
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Tippets: Anchored Podcast, Washington Mining Legislation, Winter Streamer Fishing

  • The most recent episode of the “Anchored with April Vokey” podcast features retailer, photographer, guide and Patagonia ambassador Dave McCoy. Vokey and McCoy present a great discussion on the fly fishing industry, bridging the gap between fly and gear anglers in conservation, and the importance of wild steelhead.
  • Currently, there is little regulation on suction dredge mining in Washington state, even in waters closed to angling to protect ESA listed salmon runs. Newly proposed legislation, House Bill 1162, would require complete scientific study to evaluate effects of motorized mining on native fish species and related habitat. You can help support this effort, by submitting your comments online.
  • “Winter is different. Not all of the same rules apply,” writes expert guide and outfitter, Tim Linehan. And on that note, presents concise and effective tactics for winter streamer fishing.
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Video Hatch: “Ralph Moon: The Henry’s Fork”

The PBS series “Western Fly Fishing Journal,” written and directed by Alan O’Connor, featured portraits of Western fly fishing personalities. This episode features Ralph Moon, author, fly tier, bamboo rod builder and conservationist who lived on the banks of the Henry’s Fork River in St Anthony, Idaho.

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Tippets: Ocean Waste Hits Home, Standing Still on the Flats

  • A Chilliwack fisherman recently caught a steelhead on the Vedder River, which was filled with plastics and garbage, highlighting the threats facing wild steelhead in polluted Pacific Ocean waters. Via The Calgary Herald.
  • It’s easy to get anxious searching for fish on the flats. But Robert Morselli advises a different strategy: stand still and let the fish come to you. “Next time you wade, stop fidgeting for a few minutes and watch a community of fish build up right around you,” he writes. “It’s an experience you’re unlikely to forget as you so rarely get to visually track your fly in salt water, at such an intimate distance.”
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