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Video: Howler Brothers Quepos Quilted Jacket & Merlin Vest


Chase Heard of Howler Brothers chats about the Fall 2014 line from the company and the new outerwear pieces they are bringing to market, like the Merlin Vest and Quepos Quilted Jacket.

Vac Rac Introduces Vacuum Rod Rack

Vac Rac has announced the release of the Quad rack, which allows anglers to securely mount up to four fully-assembled rods to any smooth vehicle or boat surface whether steel, aluminum, glass or composite. Read more in the press release … more

Video: Vedavoo Deluxe Tightlines Sling Pack & Spinner Daypack

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 6.27.50 PM

Scott Hunter, founder and owner of Vedavoo Gear, shows off the company’s two completely made-in-the-USA marquee products: the Tightlines Sling Pack Deluxe and the Spinner Daypack.

Costa to Host Catch and Release Awards In 2014 Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby

From Costa: Costa Sunglasses partnered with the 2014 Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby to host the Costa Catch and Release Awards in this year’s tournament. During the event, which begins Sat., Sept. 14 and concludes on Sat., Oct. … more

Video Hatch: “The Journey Home, Episode 2 : Healing Waters”

The video series “The Journey Home,” focuses on veterans working together to overcome challenges of reintegrating to civilian life. And the second installment of the series highlights the work of Project Healing Waters in the lives of military veterans. Via Mental Health Channel.

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Tippets: SPOT GPS Review, Bringing Back Coasters

  • If you often venture to remote streams or backcountry waters, take some time to check out a recent review of the SPOT GPS Messenger system by Mike Sepelak. “Being able to keep my wife informed and comfortable that I was alive and well despite the remoteness of my wanderings and uncertainty of my plans was priceless,” writes Sepelak via Hatch Magazine.
  • State fisheries managers are beginning a long-term experiment to restore populations of Michigan’s lake-run brookies, known as Coasters. “This is an opportunity to try to restore a unique trophy fishery to anglers in the state,” says Troy Zorn, a fisheries research biologist at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Marquette Fisheries Research Station. “We’re proposing restrictive regulations for eight (Upper Peninsula) streams. It will affect about 35 miles of river; about 23 of those miles have brook trout.” Read more from The Outdoor Journal.
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Tippets: Flyanthropy, Pikeminnows Move Up the Colorado, Fly Fishing Life Hacks

  • Flyanthropy flies from Innate Fly Fishing Company use high-quality materials to tie flies to extremely high standards, while providing high paying jobs and benefits to the community of Trat, Thailand. See more about where and how to support and order flies at the Innate Fly Fishing website.
  • A Colorado pikeminnow has become the first of its species to make its way up the Grand Valley fish passage ladder on the Colorado River. “The efforts we have put in to provide passage for this species in the Colorado River upstream of Grand Junction have not been in vain.” Says said Dale Ryden, project leader for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Colorado River Fishery Project.
  • From totes and trays to brooms and bags, Louis Cahill lists 10 inexpensive fly fishing gear “life hacks” you can get at your nearest Home Depot. Via Gink & Gasoline.
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Protect the Salmonberry River

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is currently holding an open comment period for a proposed development plan for the Salmonberry River Corridor, which holds some of the purest populations of wild, native salmonids in the Pacific Northwest. The Salmonberry river is home to endangered Coho salmon, winter steelhead, summer and fall Chinook salmon and both resident and anadromous cutthroat trout. The Native Fish Society urges anglers to take time to comment and help protect the Salmonberry River and its wild fish populations protected from development.

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Fish Key in on Shrews, Study Finds

“Mousing” has developed a unique following of anglers who head out after dark to draw fish out with big, topwater mouse patterns. And a new study published in the journal Ecology of Freshwater Fish proves the effort may indeed be worth your while.  “This study documents that rainbow trout and grayling actually key in on shrews,” writes Matt Miller, “much as trout will focus on mayflies or caddis flies when these insects hatch.” Via The Nature Conservancy.

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Tippets: Bull Trout Rush Back Up Dam-Free Elwha, Don’t Let Rod Action Change Your Stroke

  • Bull trout have already made their way up the Elwha River past the recently demolished Glines Canyon Dam. “We always knew the fish would return once the dams were removed,” says superintendent Sarah Creachbaum, “but these four fish passed through Glines Canyon even before the concrete was gone.” Read more via The Olympian.
  • Common practice says to change casting stroke depending on the action of the rod. However, in a short instructional film, Lasse Karlsson demonstrates why that is not always the best practice. Via The Limp Cobra.
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Video Hatch: “Panning for Gold”

Haypress Lake in Southern Colorado is the primary collection site for Rio Grande cutthroat eggs, which are then stocked at various lakes throughout the Rio Grande Basin. This video highlights the conservation work being done for Rio Grande Cutthroat Trout in Colorado. Via Colorado Outdoors Magazine.

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Tippets: Persistence on the Dean, Warm Waters Reroute Salmon, Tenkara USA Water Filter

  • On the Dean River “Confidence is key,” writes Steven Brutger, “but after several days without touching a fish it is hard to hold onto.” Persistence does pay off though, and you can read more about his trip (and success) via Stalking the Seam.
  • Abnormally warm waters are making sockeye-salmon reroute their run, bypassing the usual Puget Sound waters in favor or colder Canadian waters, with almost 99 percent of sockeye going through the Johnstone Strait around the northern part of Vancouver Island. Via The Seattle Times.
  • Tenkara USA now offers a water filtration system. Perfect for lightening your load and also easy on the wallet, being offered at $30.00. Check out more about this product via Hatch Magazine and Tenkara USA. 
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TU Welcomes New Members to Board of Trustees

New members have been welcomed to the Trout Unlimited Board of Trustees: Raiford Trask, Dan Plummer and Mark Taylor. “We’re very fortunate to have these three gentlemen join TU’s Board of Trustees,” said TU President and CEO Chris Wood. “All three bring very valuable skills to TU, and they are all passionate about fishing and helping us make fishing better across the country.

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AFFTA Announces New Grant Program

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced a new funding arm of the organization, The Fisheries Fund, which is focused on furthering fly fishing conservation and educational organizations and programs. Grant proposals for the fund can begin being submitted immediately.

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