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Join Sage in the Southeast for Its 2017 On The Water Tour

Sage has announced the kick off of their 2017 On The Water Tour, featuring stops along the waters of the Southeast. The tour will begin April 15, in Nashville, TN. Read more in the press release below.

Fishpond and RIO Products Collaborate on Tippet-Loaded Headgate

fishpond rio headgate

Fishpond and RIO Products have announced their collaboration on creating the Headgate Tippet Holder. The Headgate is made from anodized aerospace aluminum with a built-in line cutter and holds five RIO Powerflex tippet spools. Read more in the press release … more

The OmniSpool Switchbox

The OmniSpool Switchbox is a innovative management system for storing and changing lines on fly reels. It offers vast improvement from old methods of “nails on the wall of the garage or old manufacturers’ spools.” A recent review in Vagabond … more

Video: Cheeky Fishing Triple Play

Cheeky Fly Fishing

Cheeky Fishing‘s Ted Upton explains the company’s triple play option, which pairs a reel and two spools in a Fishpond Sweetwater reel case for the price of a reel and a spool.  

How to Tie a Damselfly Nymph

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Damselfly Nymph in this week’s featured tying video.  “It’s an easy, quick and fairly cheap tie that works well in just about any body of water – making it an exceptional guide fly,” says Flagler. “Rob keeps a rather impressive list of all the species he has caught using this fly. It’s intended to generally mimic a damselfly nymph, which are common to lakes and ponds as well as rivers and small streams.”

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Tippets: Spring Streamers, Pride of Being a Guide

  • “Pre-runoff, streamer fishing can be some of the best streamer fishing you can encounter all year,” writes Ivan Orsic. From persistence and presentation to rod weight and mastering the dead drift, Orsic details five ways to improve your streamer fishing technique, via Trouts Fly Fishing.
  • The guide community is often stereotyped, writes Emerald LaFortune, “as a collection of young adults dirtbagging around, making ends meet from season to season, living out of vehicles, thriving on adrenaline and PBR, and otherwise avoiding the real world with its bank accounts and office desks.” But in this recent essay, LaFortune makes it clear the serious nature of the work, and the pride those in the profession should take in their time on the water or in the field. Via Redside Foundation.
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Tippets: Casting Heavy Flies, Fly Pattern for Smallmouth

  • Casting heavy flies, or multiple fly rigs, can be difficult to manage. Watch Tim Rajeff demonstrate techniques for managing these situations in this short instructional video.
  • In this article via American Angler, Ted Fauceglia presents a great fly pattern for smallmouth bass: the fathead minnow. “Fathead minnows are a common bait-bucket minnow found in rivers and streams throughout North America. Measuring up to three inches, they change color as they mature,” writes Fauceglia.
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Tippets: Making it as a Guide, Tenkara Style Fly Presentation

  • Working as a fly fishing guide is often romanticized, but the work itself is difficult. From communication skills to boat handling and navigation, to swiftwater rescue and wilderness medicine techniques, being a guide requires a diverse skill set. In this recent article, Matthew Copeland writes about “How to Make it as a Fishing Guide” via WyoFile.
  • In the 6th episode of the “2-minute Guides to Tenkara” series from Tenkara USA, Daniel Galhardo talks about the different techniques anglers can use to present flies to fish. Watch demonstrations of techniques ranging from the dead drift to the pause and drift in this short video.
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Video Hatch: “En bättre tid, ett bättre ställe”

This short film shows the beautiful landscape and fish of northern Sweden. Via Dryflystories.
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Tippets: Hook-free Fishing, “A River’s Last Chance” Kickstarter

  • Landing fish is only essential if you plan on eating your catch, and increasing amounts of research points to the toll catch and release practices take on overall fish health. Brian J. Cantwell writes about the idea of hook-free fishing in this article via The Seattle Times.
  • Shane Anderson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to finish his latest film project, A River’s Last Chance. The film explores “the legacy of salmon, timber, wine and weed along California’s Eel River and searching for an economic and ecologic balance.”
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Tippets: Lower Deschutes Water Quality Report, Climate Change and Cutthroat Trout, Native Fish Reintroduction in Idaho Raises Concerns

  • The Deschutes River Alliance recently published their 2016 Lower Deschutes Water Quality Report, including details about how the Round Butte Dam is affecting the lower Deschutes. The dam was intended “to return the lower river to pre-dam conditions and create passage conditions to restore salmon and steelhead runs.” However, many anglers and environmentalists think it might be having the negative impacts. Via Oregon Live.
  • Climate change and warming water in high altitude streams has opened habitat for rainbow trout at the expense of native cutthroats. A new study recently published in the journal Global Change Biology, examines the issue of hybridization between rainbows and cutthroats in the Rocky Mountains. Via NPR.
  • The State of Oregon has introduced a plan to reintroduce endangered steelhead and salmon upstream of the Hells Canyon dams. However, Idaho farmers who depend on the Snake River for irrigations have concerns about the hefty price tag. Via Capital Press.
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Video Hatch: “Italian Diaries—Going Back!”

This new short film from Brothers on the Fly features exploration of waters in the mountains of Trentino, Italy.
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Tippets: Fishing Dogs, Rajeff’s Casting Masterclass

  • Spending time on the water with your dog can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Rebekka Redd shares great advice on training and preparing your dog to be the best fishing companion they can be via Rebekka Redd Fly Fishing.
  • In a video that clocks in at just under four minutes, Tim Rajeff tells you everything you need to know about fly casting. If you want to improve your fly casting, get more distance and control and cast like a rockstar,” writes Louis Cahill, “take a few minutes to watch this video.”
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Tippets: Matt Labash on Spring Shad, Tying the Classic Red Quill

  • According to Matt Labash, there is no season for fly fishing. Warm weather or cold, devoted anglers head to the water, “No matter what the weather’s doing, stay on your meds.” However, in his recent column for The Weekly Standard, Labash does write about seasonal fishing opportunities: “As for what you should be catching with spring having sprung, geography is destiny. And if you’re fortunate enough to live on the coasts, I suggest dropping whatever you’re doing to fish for shad.”
  • In this instructional tying video, Joe Fox of Dette Trout Flies based in Roscoe, NY, demonstrates how to tie a classic Catskill style Red Quill dry fly. Via Tightline Video.
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