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Winston Introduces Boron III PLUS Fly Rod Series

Winston Boron III plus

Winston has released their new series of Boron III Plus fly rods. Available in saltwater, jungle, and freshwater models. Read more in the press release below.

New Underwater Camera, GoFish Cam

GoFish cam

The new GoFish Cam allows anglers to view underwater action from the vantage of the end of their line. “We’re improving the art of fishing by providing a means to easily explore what’s happening underwater and a way to learn … more

Dr. Slick Unveils New Products for 2016

Dr. Slick has announced new products for 2016, including 12-inch hemostats, Long Range Mitten Scissor Clamps, and Razor Scissors available with one of the blades serrated. Read more in the press release below.

Patagonia Debuts the “World’s Most Advanced Baselayer”


Patagonia has released their most advanced baselayer technology to date: the Merino Air Baselayer, a first-ever fusion of sustainably sourced wool and cutting-edge technology.  Available in both men’s and women’s lines. Read more in the press release below.

Video Hatch: “The Chase: a tiny film”

Whether it’s about surfing or fly fishing, this film shot in Iceland is an ode to the friendships and experiences shared while chasing passions.
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Video Hatch: “Low Country Fly Fishing with Flood Tide Gang”

This film from Badfish features great footage of fly fishing for redfish.
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Tippets: Physics of Casting, Loch Ness Catfish, Wild Steelhead Gene Bank

  • The physics behind a good cast is much more than just “throwing a line.” Louis Cahill dissects the energy of a fly line and how to get it to work to your advantage in a recent piece on Gink & Gasoline.
  • The legendary Loch Ness Monster might not be so mysterious anymore. Using sonar technology, new research has detected “extremely large” fish deep in the lake, which researcher Steve Feltham suspects to be giant Wels catfish. Via Field & Stream.
  • Wild steelhead of Puget Sound rivers are in need of help recovering health and populations numbers. Raise your voice in support, and tell the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife of the need to establish strong, effective wild steelhead gene banks. Via the Wild Steelhead Coalition.
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Memories of Maclean

The Norman Maclean Literary Festival, held July 10-13, 2015 in Seeley Lake, Montana, honored the author and his work. A recent article by Brett French highlights memories by Jane Moses, who typed his handwritten notes for Maclean’s book “Young Men and Fire,” and Pete Dexter, who once wrote a profile of the author for Esquire magazine and was also the keynote speaker of the festival. Via The Missoulian.

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Video Hatch: “GEOBASS 2: Black Bass in Papua New Guinea”

In the most recent episode of the second season of GEOBASS, the anglers head to Papua New Guinea to chase black bass on the fly. Via Costa.
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Tippets: The Bucket Mouth League, Sticking With It

  • The “Bucket Mouth League,” created by FrankenFly’s Paul Beel, aims to raise respect for chasing largemouth bass on the fly. To join the movement, tag largemouth bass photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, as #bucketmouthleague. Find out more via FrankenFly.
  • What happens when you break up with your fishing partner? In a recent piece, Amanda Monthei writes about fly fishing on her own. “It was entirely experimental, and in that I had found what had been missing before — authenticity perhaps, but also the adversity that makes fishing so alluring.” Via Hatch Magazine.
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BTT Asks for Angler Support on Bahamas Flats Alternatives

In a recent statement, the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is asking anglers to support a revised approach to creating a comprehensive conservation and management plan for the Bahamas bonefish fishery.

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Video Hatch: “Lost in Wise River”

In this short film, Aimee Savard and Chase Bartee revisit a childhood haunt and bring things full circle in their trip West, casting dry flies to mountain brook trout. Via Tight Loops.
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Tippets: Tips for Fishing Small Streams, Casting Creep, Saving Atlantic Salmon

  • After concentrated time fishing the mountains of Vermont, Jared Zissu offers tips and tactics for fishing small streams. From stealthy approaches to good drifts, read more via Orvis.
  • In a recent installment of “Ask a Fly-Fishinig Instructor,” Peter Kutzer addresses the issue of “casting creep” and what techniques you can implement to prevent it.
  • The North Atlantic Salmon Fund works to find “effective practical solutions” to help Atlantic salmon survive and adapt to changing ecosystem. Read a recent article by NASF founder Orri Vigfússon on what is being done to save “Salmo Salar, the King of Fish.” Via The Huffington Post.
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Video Hatch: “TENKARPA!”

On a recent trip to Beaver Island, MI the folks at Scumliner Media took things to the next level: fly fishing for carp with tenkara.
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