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Video: PEAK Jurassic Series Large Iron Retention System


Al Ritt, brand manager for PEAK fishing products, explains the company’s LIRS or Large Iron Retention System, for tying massive offshore flies or other conventional pieces for anywhere over-sized hooks are needed. From PEAK: With the growing popularity of large fresh … more

Howler Brothers Launches 2014 Fall Collection

Austin-based Howler Brothers has announced the release of their Fall 2014 Collection of outdoor apparel. The new styles are also featured in a video of the new designs being used on the water in Iceland. Read more in the press … more

Video: New Rods from Tenkara USA


Founder and owner Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA talks about his two new “triple zoom” rods that were released this year.  They’re called the Rhodo and the Sato are complete with features like a storage “garage” for your rod’s plug, … more

Video: Echo Fiberglass Spey and Switch Rods


Red Kulper of Echo Fly Rods gives MidCurrent an overview of the company’s very reasonably priced fiberglass Switch and Spey rods that are new for 2015.

Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing Somewhere in Lapland”

This film short from Silvo Leinonen offers some wonderful footage of the waters and fish of Lapland.

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Tippets: Magic of Soft Hackles, Native Amazon Fishing Toxins, Tips for Instagram

  • Likening soft hackles to sharks, both the “oldest of their ilk,” Louis Cahill writes about the effectiveness of soft hackle flies. For tying recipes as well as techniques for fishing, check out his recent article on Gink & Gasoline.
  • Researchers studying fish diversity in remote Amazon rivers are partnering with local tribes to use a traditional fishing technique that involves using barbasco root, which emits a toxic substance similar to electroshocking fish populations. “These people know so much about the way animals work in the forest and the rivers,” says University of Chicago graduate student Sebastian Heilpern. “Fishing is in their blood and they are born with a net in their hands. It makes sense for researchers to work with them and act as a bridge to bring their knowledge to the scientific community and vice versa.” Via NewsWatch, National Geographic.
  • If you use Instagram to share fishing photos, don’t miss a recent article on Gizmodo on how to better use this social media tool.
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Video Hatch: “Something Got Me”

This film short from Henrik Malmland has beautiful footage of scenery and trout fishing in Norway.

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The Company You Keep

Perhaps the best advice on how to improve your skills on the water is to fish with anglers who are more accomplished and knowledgeable than yourself. “Successful fishing begins in your head,” writes Matthew Copeland. “What’s in there is influenced by the folks around you. Paying attention to that fact, and actively harnessing it can go a long way.” Via Stalking the Seam.

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How To Tie an October Caddis Soft Hackle

Marking the beginning of the end of big bug season, the October Caddis or Great Autumn Brown Sedge gives fly fishers one more opportunity to tie and fish a larger, colorful pattern.  Tim Flagler shows how to tie an October Caddis Soft Hackle in this week’s featured video.

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Interview with Lefty

From reading lists to current projects, and beginnings as a commercial fisherman to creating fly casting DVDs, Lefty Kreh talks about it all in a quick interview with Chris Wright on Gear Patrol. However, “Everything I know is subject to change,” Lefty warns.

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CFR: Cast One for Hope

Casting for Recovery’s Single Fly Event will be held October 3-4, 2014 in Hamilton, Montana. The event will be professionally guided, with proceeds going to benefit women with breast cancer. Check out the Casting for Recovery website for more information about Cast One for Hope.

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Tippets: Salmon Cam, Tacky Fly Box, Rivers Report

  • The Nature Conservancy has announced the annual return of their “Salmon Cam,” which offers a live view at the Chinook and coho salmon and steelhead trout moving upstream to spawn in the Shasta River.
  • Jessica McGlothlin gives a first look and gear review of a new product from Tacky Fishing. The innovative Tacky Fly Box design incorporates a silicone-based backdrop to hold flies and won “Best of Show Fly Box / Storage System” at this year’s International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) Show in Orlando. Read more via Gear Junkie.
  • Rivers are the arteries of the earth, and connect and sustain communities and ecological zones. Yet because of dams and development, many are in danger. The non-profit International Rivers organization has created an informative online tool called the State of the World’s Rivers report. Via Newswatch, National Geographic.
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Video Hatch: “A Last Day”

This film features some great footage of incredible Alaska waters and fish.  Via Doug Roland, Lowcountry Journal.

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Teaching Fish to Walk

Recent research has demonstrated how the earliest tetrapod ancestors could have developed the ability to walk on land. Using bichir, a tropical freshwater fish that lives in Africa and is known to often walk on fins, the researchers raised juveniles on land. “The result illustrates the kinds of changes that might have enabled fins to become limbs when some fish traded water for land, around 400 million years ago.” Read more via Nature.

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