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Patagonia’s Worn Wear Tour

Patagonia is taking its repair facility in Reno, Nevada on the road to offer free repairs on gear and clothing. The Worn Wear Tour kicked off April 2 in Ventura, Calif., and will end May 12 in Boston. Read more in … more

ECHO Glass Switch and Spey Rod Series

Echo has announced the release of the first major series of fiberglass spey and switch rods in the fly fishing industry, and contrary to some popular expectations, they boast benefits over many fast-action graphite rods. Read more in the press … more

Quick Tip: An Easy Way to Put a Rigged Rod in the Car


After spending the last couple of weeks running around the wilds of Chile with the good folks at Magic Waters Lodge and getting in and out of cars and trucks from one fishing spot to the next, I finally stopped … more

Video: St. Croix Legend X Adds Another Rod to the Line-Up


St. Croix has added an 11-weight rod to their already impressive Legend X rod series. “The rods were designed specifically for fishing larger warm-water species like musky, pike and bass, and are built on blanks rolled with a multi-dynamic blend … more

Video Hatch: “Bahamas Adventure!”

This short film features some great footage of springtime bonefishing in the Bahamas. Via  HOOKÉ.

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Tippets: Heraclitus Fly Approach, Jim Waddell on Dams, Skeena Steelhead Flies

  • The “one-fly” approach has become popular in tenkara fishing circles. However, Jason Klass wonders what would happen if anglers did the opposite: “What if instead of committing to a single signature pattern […] you committed to never tying the same fly twice?” Read more via Tenkara Talk.
  • Jim Waddell spent 35 years as a civil engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, and concluded that “dams are an economic sham.” Waddell recently sat down with The Boise Weekly to talk about the new film DamNation, and his personal and professional insight into the growing controversy surrounding dam building and demolition.
  • From colors to size, and old standbys to new favorites, don’t miss the top ten picks for steelhead flies on the Skeena River system, via Pesqa.
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Wood: Don’t Blame Anglers

In response to a recent op-ed by Douglas M. Thompson in The New York Times about the cost trout fishing has on the environment, Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood writes a rebuttal about the good work anglers do for trout populations and habitat. Via TU.

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How to Tie a Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is the subject of this week’s instructional video.  Tim Flagler uses large-diameter material to show the knot’s structure, then follows up with actual leader-size monofilament. As Tim says: “The blood knot is probably best known for joining monofilament segments of varying lengths, diameters and breaking strengths to produce tapered leaders that turn over easily, allow a fly to gently land on the water’s surface and help to produce a drag free drift. The blood knot’s smooth, elongated shape enables it to slip easily through rod guides and keeps it from picking up slime or debris in the water.”

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Virginia Fly Fishing Festival Breaks Attendance Record

The recently held 15th Annual Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival drew record crowds. “Clearly we are really resonating with the general public, many of whom no little to nothing about fly fishing—and that is great for the industry,” says festival director said Beau Beasley.

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Video Hatch: “Cold Waters”

Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies, Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Steve Hemkens of Orvis, Tim Romano of Angling Trade and Todd Tanner of Conservation Hawks share their thoughts on angling and climate change in this important short film.

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Trout Fishing: A Line to the Past

At the beginning of another trout season James Prosek examines how fly fishing connects us to our past. “This, I have concluded after many years of doing it, must be primarily why we fish, to satisfy some latent impulse deep in our evolutionary fabric—even if now, as we release the fish, it is more of a kind of predatory performance art.” Read Prosek’s beautifully illustrated prose, outlining different fly patterns and trout species, in a recent article in The New York Times.

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Video Hatch: “#SaveDorados *3”

This short video features the work of Dr. Andy Danylchuk of the University of Massachusetts Amherst on emerging golden dorado fisheries in Argentina. More information can be found on the Indiegogo funding campaign site for the research project.

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Tippets: Practicing on Panfish, Tim Drummond’s Flies, Saving California Steelhead

  • Panfish are often disregarded as beginner fish or for kids. However, Joe Cermele writes about how chasing these species can sharpen your skills for the “grown up” species as well. Via Fly Talk, Field & Stream.
  • Guide and fly tier Tim Drummond of North Park Anglers talks about his work and process of creating new patterns in a recent article in This is Fly. “I believe taking the approach of solving a problem on the vise is just as rewarding as creating a new bug.” Read more from Drummond in the April/May 2015 issue.
  • The Endangered Species Act protects steelhead trout in the Stanislaus River in California. Recently, the South San Joaquin Irrigation District was ordered to release increased pulses of water to help the steelhead trout through the historic drought. But is the 3.9 billion gallons of water worth it? asks Nick Stockton in Wired.
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Video Hatch: “Testify”

This short film presents a visual adaptation from the essay “Testament of a Fisherman,” published in 1964 by Michigan author John Voelker. Via Aaron Peterson for Travel Marquette Michigan.

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