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Video: Updated Simms Headwaters-Pro Stockingfoot Waders


Rich Hohne of Simms Fishing Products gives us the lowdown on the newly updated and award winning 2017 Headwaters-Pro Stockingfoot Waders.

Video: Patagonia Women’s River Salt Jacket and Ultralight II Wading Boot


Bart Bonime, director of fishing at Patagonia, talks about the award-winning River Salt Jacket and the complementary Ultralight II Wading Boot for Women.

Video: Sage Fly Rods – X


Sage Fly Rods took home the Best of Show award and both the Salt and Freshwater categories for best Fly Rod at this year’s International Fly Tackle Dealer Show. Here, rod designer Peter Knox goes over the rid that scooped … more

New Coastal QuickShooter Lines from RIO

RIO Products has announced the release of the Coastal QuickShooter and Coastal QuickShooter XP fly lines for fly fishing in cooler conditions. This series recently won the European Fishing Tackle Trade Association’s award for Best Fly Line. Read more in … more

Video Hatch: “Rogues in Bavaria”

This short film from Matthias Bucholz features great footage from fly fishing southern Germany.
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Tippets: Guide Rigging Secrets, North 40 Magazine, Freshwater Fish of America

  • Guides and veteran anglers learned long ago that small things add up on the water. In a recent post, Ben Duchesney writes about guide secrets for preparing and rigging for spending time on the water. “Instead of repeating the same process of rigging up again and again, these pro anglers have been constantly tuning their setup season after season, perfecting the art of the gear-up.” Via Postfly Box.
  • The August Edition of the free online magazine from the North 40 Fly Shop is now available. From a 2016 IFTD show recap to tying with Sam Looper, read the issue here.
  • Pop Chart Labs has created a poster that features “900 freshwater aqua-fauna small and large, from minute minnows to sizable sturgeons.” The poster is printed with vegetable-based inks on archival stock certified by The Forest Stewardship Council. Via Gear Junkie.
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Fishing TV Launches Channel Dedicated To Conservation and Campaigning

Fishing TV, a Video On Demand platform for anglers, has announced the launch of Planet Fish, which will highlight campaigns and causes specific to fly anglers.

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How to Tie a Cinnamon Flying Ant

Tim Flagler shows how to tie a hi-vis Cinnamon Flying Ant in this week’s featured tying video.   Terrestrials are a great choice during the waning hatches of late summer and early fall.  This pattern is fun to both tie and fish.

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The Philosophic Connection of Fishing and Science

Dartmouth astrophysicist Marcelo Gleiser has written a new book, The Simple Beauty of the Unexpected: A Natural Philosopher’s Quest for Trout and the Meaning of Everything, arguing that angling and science are connected by their imaginative possibilities and the unknown. “In fishing and in science we flirt with the elusive,” writes Gleiser, “We stare at the water, and sometimes we see a fish stir underneath the surface or even jump, betraying its presence.” Via Brain Pickings.

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Tippets: Evolution of Fins to Hands, Understanding Bass Ponds

  • A new gene-editing technology called Crispr has made it possible to follow the evolution of human hands. Researchers at the University of Chicago found that along with bat wings and horse hooves, our hands also share an evolutionary connection to fish fins. The research was recently published in the journal Nature. Via The New York Times.
  • Kent Klewein focuses on structure in his second article on understanding and fishing bass ponds. From aquatic vegetation and rocks to woody debris, learn more about how to locate and fish to bass via Gink & Gasoline.
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AFFTA Applauds Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument Designation

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has released a statement applauding the recent designation of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument located in Penobscot County in northern Maine.

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Video Hatch: “The Fly Life: Where It Starts”

A devotion to fly fishing returns more than just fish, as shown in this short film from North 40 Fly Shop.
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Tippets: Cherokee Students Learn to Fly Fish, Flies for Colorado Freestone Streams

  • Scott McKie reports on Cherokee Middle School sixth graders who recently learned to fly fish from Michael Bradley, an EBCI tribal member. They are “learning about a sport that will take them into rivers and streams connecting them to the water and the world around them,” writes McKie. “They were learning about themselves and their place in nature.” Via The One Feather.
  • With fall quickly approaching, Bob Streb writes about the top ten flies to have in your box when on Colorado’s freestone streams. From dry flies to soft hackles, read more via Orvis.
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Meg Humphries Becomes Dun Magazine’s Marketing Director

DUN Magazine has announced Meg Humphries as the director of marketing for the publication. Humphries has extensive marketing experience and will head social media and advertising efforts for the magazine.

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