Fly Fishing Flies

Royal Coachman Fly Pattern History

“The History of Fly-Fishing in Fifty Flies:” The Royal Coachman

Plenty of fly fishers have ranked one of the world’s most recognizable flies—the Royal Coachman—among their top choices for catching fish.  Read more.
Jay Zimmerman Headstand Carp Flies

How to Tie the Headstand

Lance Egan's Headstand influenced a generation of carp flies. Here's how to tie one.  Read more.
"Warmwater Fly Tying" with Charlie Craven

DVD Review: “Warmwater Fly Tying” and “Saltwater Fly Tying”

These two videos are expertly shot, with wide table-views as well as clear close-ups and tier point-of-views.  Read more.