Featured Tier: Matt Bennett, Fly Geek Custom Flies

June 25, 2019 By: Matt Bennett

Carp-It Bob Fly Matt Bennett

Carp-It Bomb, Golden Olive

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Carp-It Bomb

Golden Olive, Size 4

This fly began as an upsized-version of a simple marabou damsel for local carp, sunfish, and bass. It’s evolved into a leggy, gnarly nymph with a ton of movement that will catch just about any species around and is my go-to fly for any carp fishing I do.


  • Ahrex NS430 Size 4
  • Veevus 140D Power Thread – Chartreuse
  • Bead Chain Eyes – Large Black
  • Nature’s Spirit Marabou Golden Olive
  • Hareline Grizzly Flutter Legs – Black Barred Chartreuse
  • Hareline Cohen’s Carp Dub – Martian Mean Green
  • Loon Flow UV

About the Tier

Matt Bennett is a full-time commercial fly tyer and the owner of Fly Geek Custom Flies.  While having an interest in many different types of fly fishing, Matt most enjoys both tying flies and fishing for the native bass species of the Texas Hill Country, and most of his flies were created to fool these specific quarry.  However most of Matt’s patterns have a universal appeal to fish species and he very much enjoys sharing his tying and fishing knowledge with others.

You can view more of his work at his website, flygeek.net, or on Instagram @flygeekmatt.