“Pebble Mine Trying to Rise from the Grave”

In 2014 protections were put in place to protect the two drainages of Bristol Bay, the Nushagak and Kvichak Rivers, from mine waste. However, the new administration and EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, are working in the courts to undo those protections and allow the Pebble Mine to move forward. In this great article from Fishpond, guide Kate Taylor writes about the past year guiding in Bristol Bay and Scott Hed speaks to the legal aspects of protecting the Bristol Bay ecosystem. Read Pebble Mine Trying to Rise from the Grave, and then voice your opinion about the mine during an open comment period on the proposed backtrack.

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  • Taipei101

    1) Pebble is ~100 miles from Bristol Bay.
    2) There are no salmon streams within the proposed Pebble mine. It is a moonscape with <0.5% of Bristol Bay salmon streams within 400 sq miles.
    3) Pebble will:
    -Not use cyanide
    -have little contaminated waste rock
    -clean to code and discharge all water (redundancy to avoid water spill if asteroid hits dam)
    -store solid tailings that remain behind a wide/low dam that uses special lining and is 2x the strength needed to survive the worst possible Alaskan earthquake right at the site… even though there is no mega fault at the site.

    The reality is… the worst case scenario, a dam spill, is virtually impossible. And if it did occur, the impact would be minor (<1/5000 Bristol Salmon impacted by sediments… not chemicals.)

    The MSM and activist groups want you to remain ignorant of these facts so you'll oppose a well regulated Federal and State permitting process… that they know Pebble will clear by a mile.

    • Kenton H Kuhlman

      This mining company has a history of never cleaning anything to any code. What they do is rape and pillage the land and resources, pull out, and leave the mess for others to deal with. That’s their history.

  • Cee Blue

    EPA behaved like the Gestapo under the Lecturer in Chief — sadly this is a ( warranted ) backlash —