Tippets: Farmed Salmon Escape, Agriculture and Idaho’s Snake River, Restoring Saltwater Flats

October 11, 2017 By: Erin Block

  • In August, a floating net pen full of farmed Atlantic Salmon “failed during a period of relatively normal tidal stress,” writes Jonathan Wright, “with the structure partially capsizing to allow the majority of the 304,000 contained market ready and mature fish to escape into Puget Sound.” Read more about the Great Atlantic Salmon Escape via Fly Fisherman.
  • Richard Manning writes about how industrial agriculture is affecting Idaho’s Snake River. “The decline of biodiversity extends across the land far from the riverbanks, and affects the river itself, most obviously its salmon.” Via High Country News.
  • Jeff Simpson writes about new research on the most effective methods for restoring saltwater flats affected by anthropogenic activities. “In the wake of massive weather events like Hurricanes Harvey in Houston and Irma impacting South Florida and the Upper Keys, the findings are particularly timely.” Via Fly Fisherman.