Quick Tip: Use Your Windshield Wiper As a Rod Rack

It looks sketchy I know, but trust me it works.

Ever had ten minutes before you had to pack up your fishing gear and head home, but just wanted hit that one last spot down the road or across the lake and didn’t want to break down your rod?

Well… stick that thing under your windshield wiper, watch for any low-hanging trees (and make sure it’s not raining) and viola, you’ve got yourself a no-cost rod rack.

Notes of interest:

1. Only put two rods under each side. Any more than that and the weight gets to be a bit much.

2. Make sure the reel handle is facing out and below the wiper. This helps secure the reel under the wiper.

3. No sharp turns. Come on, you’re using a windshield wiper as a rod rack here…  I think this should be obvious.

4. Don’t speed. Reread the second sentence in #3.

I swear it works, and remarkably well for something so simple.

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  • Mr RichardWright

    make sure the fly is secure, else the line might start to feed out

  • Flyfishing

    get one of those U shaped magnet thingies advertised as a “rod holder”.  Hold the reel under the wiper, and then put the magnet up above the windshield to hold the rod in place.  You can take the corners a lot faster!

  • Senatordan

    Clearance.  Watch out for low branches overhanging the road etc.  Great idea, though.  Really clever and smart!

  • Troutdaze

    This is a terrible idea. I see people doing this all of the time. Your line gets filthy when doing this, rocks get kicked up on your rod, and the obvious chance your taking that your rod could come loose and fall off. I would not recommend doing this if you paid more than $29.99 for your set up.

  • Puma

    I’ve used this when jumping from place to place when distance is short and speeds are under 25. Works great and flyfishing makes a great point. Those “u” mags are a great addition, but I still only go 25/30

  • As a employee of a windshield wiper manufacturer, this is definitely *not* recommended usage, but it’s a cool idea. Just don’t try to file a warranty claim that your wipers aren’t wiping cleanly…

  • Mataura

    Beavis and Butthead go Fishing 🙂