EPA Calls Halt to Bud Lilly’s Fishing Park for the Disabled

Katherine Mozzone reports for NBC Montana that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has put a stop to Bud Lilly’s plans to create a handicapped-accessible fishing park in Logan because he did not obtain the required permit.

While Lilly admits he should have gotten the EPA permit, the irony is that creating a park without a permit is a violation of the Clean Water Act, and Bud Lilly has done as much to promote resource protection as anyone in the sport.  “‘We’re hoping we can talk to them in the next day or two and, at least, get an extension, in order to be able to show them very positively that the accusations that they’re doing long distance, in most cases, by not actually being on site, is not going to be disturbing to the river,’ says Lilly.”

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  • Gary Soucie

    It’s this kind of mindless, rule-oriented (“I didn’t write the rules/law, I just follow therm/it”) that keeps the conservation ethic from becoming deeply and truly ingrained in the national character. And it drives away people who should instead be natural advocates. Conservative Republicans, for example; after all, what’s more naturally and truly conservative than conservation?

    • I guess we should let anyone that wants to build something they consider for conservation without going through the proper permits to make sure what they are doing is truly for conservation.

  • Tarpon23

    Chicken Feet, if you ever went through the EPA permitting process, you would retract those comments in a hurry.   The CWA was enacted to address major sources of water pollution and it has done an admirable job there but by regulatory and administrative fiat over the years has been extended to a whole host of activities that have marginal (if at all) clean water impacts but still must submit to an arduous, costly and time-consuming process of permit development, environmental assessment, and review.  The net result is as Gary puts it, some natural advocates for clean water and conservation end up getting turned off.

  • epasux

    as from ghost busters talking about the EPA, “yes, that man has no d*ck” and they have no brains.

  • Gary Soucie

    Chicken Feet, I understand your comment, but please know that I spent many years in environmental conservation, firsdt as a volunteer, then as Eastern rep of the Sierra Club, cofounder and executive director of Friends of the Earth, cofounder and vice chairman of the League of Conservation Voters, president of the Environmental Policy Center, and executive editor of Audubobn magazine. So I am a friend of EPA, but not of rote, deskbound administrative actions. When I worked for and with Dave Brower (at SC and FOE), he used to say, “First we have to save it for the National Park Service, and then from the National Park Service.” Beware of bureaucrats wearing blinders.

  • Gary Soucie

    Sorry for the hasty typos.