The Tubing Menace

A reader (a real one, no doubt) pings author and fly fisher Matt Labash on the possible solutions to “the tubing menace” and gets back a response that includes Labash’s opinions on what should happen to tubers who treat trout streams a drunken playground.

“As being a successful tuber doesn’t even require maintaining consciousness (hence, the large number of inebriated enthusiasts). So it’s time to face facts, lowly tubers: God made rivers for fishing.”

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  • Mike Conner

    Tubing almost seems pastoral compared to what we deal with in Florida all summer–JETSKIS!

    Same drunks, same morons, but speeding on runaway rockets that unlike float tubes, are noisy. And they, too, come in packs, and these sound like angry hornets in your ear. they run the flats, freak out the fish, etc.. just like tubers. Every year, confrontations with anglers increase, and a number of jetskiers are killed or injured–as in THE THINNING OF THE HERD.  

    It is not going away, as more people seem drawn to what I call “mindless entertainment” On land, it is 4-wheelers, which are also pouring over into quiet residential neighborhoods in FLA and most of the south.

    In all of the above scenarios, there is usually booze and drugs in the mix.

    Sincerely, a confirmed Weekday Warrior

  • Gofishinor

    I so agree a ban should be put into effect. I have also seen the mess the tubers have done. When I am out on the water I am not there to clean up after tubers and spinner casters.

    • Chris

      How often do you clean up after other fisherman. I know I do every time I go out fishing, should fishing be banned as well? Everyone has a right to the water whether you like them or not. So get over yourselves and enjoy what we have before someone bans fishing due to the trash that fishean leave.

    • Shoebop1

      Rather than a ban on the tubers why not place a river useage tax on every tube rented devoted to river habitat restoration, cleanup, and stocking?

  • George

    While people behaving badly diminishes the experience for others, I’m not certain bans are the way forward. Too restricive usage leads to lower numbers of users which may lead to lowered support for access of any kind. Where public support has eroded you can see the DNRs suffering for lack of funding.

  • Ray De Angelis

    I think there are slobs enough to go around in every walk of life. I have seen fisherman who have absolutely no respect for the waters they fish, sometimes weekly. I’ve seen bass fisherman in steroid juiced bass boats go by at speeds that beggar the imagination. Not all tubers are slobs, not all fly fisherman are in line to be sanctified. As long as someone respects the waters and their surroundings I don’t think I’ll throw stones. Tubing may cause problems, but the problems from development I see in many of my favorite watersheds far exceeds it. I am devoted to my sport, but not blind to the flaws in its practitioners.