Yellowstone Releases First “Judas Fish”

As Kirk Johnson reports in yesterday’s New York Times, Yellowstone National Park biologists are hoping that lake trout fitted with radio transmitters will lead them to the eggs of their invasive brethren.  “The superintendent at Yellowstone National Park, Daniel N. Wenk, says he thinks the park has no choice but to fight for the cutthroats, which he described as the keystone species for a mostly still-wild ecosystem.”

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  • Gofishinor

    Hope it works. Send the eggs east.

  • payara

    Big lake, like most stories about invasive species, the end never works in favor of the indigenious species. We’ve been fighting a losing battle around the country with Carp, Rainbows in the South Fork of the Snake, it never has a happy ending.

  • Mzerr

    There is hope, Lake Trout are a slow growing, late maturing fish. The Lake Michigan strain lake trout were eradicated by commercial fishing on their spawning reefs.