Sage Releases Three New High-End Fly Rods for 2012

Sage ONE


LET’S BE PERFECTLY HONEST, it takes some serious chutzpah to name your new rod series “The ONE,” especially in the Orvis Helios, G.Loomis NRX, and Hardy Sintrix era. But judging by the fact that the ONE made a clean sweep of the EFTTEX (the European fishing tackle trade expo) best fly rod honors, and then followed up at the International Fly Tackle Dealer show with wins in both the saltwater and freshwater fly rod categories (as voted on by retailers, guides, and media pros from throughout the world), it’s hard to argue the ONE’s appeal.

The One rod is the first fly rod to take advantage of Sage’s new Konnetic technology. Konnetic technology uses new materials combined with pioneering manufacturing methods and processes. This technology incorporates an optimized ratio of Sage’s proprietary resin to exclusive high modulus aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

The latest construction methods include Sage’s Advanced Modulus Positioning System (AMPS); a process that precisely aligns and positions carbon fiber materials to exacting tolerances for the greatest blank strength, delivering extremely efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Using Sage’s High Compression Molding process, carbon fibers are compacted for optimum density and precise alignment while simultaneously fusing the 50 percent lighter all-carbon fiber inner core.

The ONE offers exceptional tracking with virtually no lateral or torsional movement, resulting in what Sage claims is unparalleled casting accuracy. Based on our test casts, we’ll confirm that Sage is… well, on the mark with that claim.

The inherent strength of Konnetic technology allows ONE rods to have a smaller diameter as well as weigh 25 percent lighter than comparable Sage rods. These attributes combine to provide augmented aerodynamic efficiency.

Further innovations are the 70 percent lighter, low profile ferrules that help direct and carry energy through the rod without sacrificing strength, critical action, and feel.

“The ONE rod becomes a true extension of the angler’s arm,” notes Sage chief rod designer, Jerry Siem. “It offers a more fluid transmission of energy from the arm to the fly. The eye sees the cast it wants to make and is translated to the hand through the rod instantaneously.”

The fast-action ONE rod family is intended for all fishing conditions thanks to a list of high-end features. A custom cork handle is fashioned in a snub-nose, half-wells grip on the 3 through 6-weights and a full-wells handle with fighting butt on the saltwater capable 6 through 10-weights. Each handle is designed to match the exact taper of the rod providing even greater sensitivity and feel.

Other details include the Sage-designed round eye tip-top which never pinches or binds the line, allowing the caster to mend and cast in any direction with full control.

On the 3 through 6-weights, the elegant walnut insert is perfectly married with the bronze anodized aluminum reel seat. Saltwater weights feature all anodized reel seat components.

The One rod comes in a new “black ice” color, which has a translucent finish and is complemented by black guide wraps and bronze trim wraps. Admittedly, it’s not a catchy or flashy look. It’s more an all-business aesthetic (think in the context of early-career Mike Tyson’s ring apparel: black trunks, black shoes, no socks, all punch). Each rod comes with a powder-coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion and a hand-made rod sock.

“The ONE rod is smooth and precise with an intentionally forgiving ‘sweet spot’ that complements widely diverse casting styles,” says Eric Gewiss, Sage’s Marketing Manager. “This helps the angler make a full range of close-in and long distance casts that hit the mark with equal ease. Being able to feel exactly what the line is doing through all stages of the cast gives anglers ultimate control so they can make the micro-adjustments needed to place the fly precisely where it’s wanted.”

The One rod is already available at most Sage authorized retail locations with a selection of 22 single hand models. ONE rods range from 3 through 10-weights and will be priced from $715 to $740.

Sage Bass II

Bass II

Sage’s Bass II rods generate higher line speeds, provide greater accuracy and easier line pickup, and are lighter in weight than their predecessor thanks to advanced manufacturing processes. This lighter weight bass rod has a very smooth feel to go along with the maximum leverage needed to fight and pull fish from heavy cover.

The Bluegill corresponds to a 230 grain line, the Smallmouth to a 290 grain, the Largemouth to a 330 grain, and the Peacock to a 390 grain line. Each of these 4-piece rods is 7-feet 11-inches. The fast-action rods have graphite IIIe construction and are built within tournament specifications. The saltwater safe, red anodized aluminum reel seat pops against the tree frog green shaft color. The Sage Bass II taper line is included with each rod at the appropriate grain weight. The new Bass II series rods will be available in August or September 2011 for a MSRP of $550.




Designed for European Style Nymphing (ESN), this style of short-line, contact nymph fishing is a highly effective method of catching fish in high-pressure streams with wary trout. Konnetic technology allows these rods to have a brand new taper which is made with a unique compound tapered mandrel. The very supple and sensitive tip is just what is needed for this style of fishing. Available in line weights 2 through 5, these forest green rods are wrapped with green thread and gold trim and have a cocobolo wood reel seat insert. Available in August or September of 2011, they will have a MSRP of $699.

Click here to find a Sage dealer near you.  More mentions of Sage on MidCurrent.

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  • Doubledok

    George Anderson’s Yellowstone Angler just performed a head-to-head shootout between the Sage ONE and the Hardy Zenith in 5-weight. Hardy smoked them. Even comparing price tags – SAGE continues to produce a series of Expensive Ones compared with the 140-year Hardy fly angling tradition on-sale for less.

    I have cast both rods. They are fine. but over $700 in this economy puts Sage in the unrealisitic fantasy world that HARDY manages to avoid with incredible rod power and lightness, lower perceived swing-weight and unequalled STRENGTH. At a savings of dozens of dollars, test drive a Hardy Sintrix Technology to compare. Why not sample every rod you can before plopping down big money? (And use a proper long-belly line, too.)

    Accuracy remains almost entirely a matter of practice, skill, & training – far more than ANY rod design. Hype + high price does not equal “better”. Spend that money on a casting lesson.

    Gary Eaton, MCI

  • guest

    I have been fly fishing for a long time. I am now near the top of my (this) game. Its not the rod that put me there – it’s knowledge.

  • It is a 10-foot rod.

  • Dan Winter

    I’ve been a Sage fan since the mid-nineties and have come to appreciate their casting abilities and characteristic reserve power. And Jerry is a wizard. I’m sure the One lives up to its expectations casting wise. That said, I’m in the process of switching to a more authentic manufacturer. Two reasons:

    First: Sage’s marketing department really needs to come to its senses. Talk about alienating customers by marketing blurb.

    Second: Sage has to get back on track regarding the rodbuilding quality. Some components aren’t premium any more. The chrome on the rings flakes off frequently. The reel seats aren’t aligned properly. The cork is abyssmal, though admittingly getting better the last two years. And I’ve never seen so many air bubbles as in the binding’s lacquering on Sage rods of recent production.