TroutHunter Tippets and Leaders

TroutHunter Leaders and TippetTroutHunter co-owner Rich Paini took us through their new line of extraordinarily strong tippets and leaders this morning. TroutHunter, Paini says, took the non-obvious route and decided to go to Japan for the absolute best material they could find. The company offers tippet material and tapered leaders in both fluorocarbon and nylon, and each spool holds around 50 yards of tipper — considerably more than the average of 30-35. But the most impressive thing about the material is its breaking strength. It was very difficult to break the 5X we tested, and the 2X (which has been tested in Belize) was hard to break even with a wind knot tied in it.

Paini also had an interesting tip on leader use: “Always cut off the last 18 inches of a tapered leader and tie on a new tippet, because the machines have a hard time controlling quality on the end.”

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  • David Holmes

    Would have been nice to have some specifics, such as “The 5X is rated at —- pounds;, the 4X at ——–” etc.

  • David,
    The 4x is rated at over 7 pounds. I fished it last night and will say that trying to break it by hand will cut your hand off and I bent hooks trying to dislodge flies from rocks…..crazy strong stuff.

    I have no relationship with Trouthunter by the way. 🙂

  • RiverGeezer

    When would the nylon material be better than the fluorocarbon? In what situations? I second Mr. Holmes comment.

  • WorkingBum

    I still don’t understand putting tippet in a bag. It has a natural hang-hole, the spool and tippet retainer are UV resistant. Why create more waste in this day and age?