Fly Fishing Alberta's Bow River

In The New York Times, Chris Santella writes about the fishing around Calgary, Canada, a city, as the title says, “Where Trout Fishing Does Not Go to Die.” According to Santella, it’s a story as much about the impact of a city’s wastewater treatment as it is about the attractive lifestyle available to residents. “In Calgary, it is not inconceivable to hook the trout of a lifetime during your lunch break and be back at the office in time to lead the 2 p.m. work-in-progress update meeting. The infusion of nutrients into the Bow’s clean, cold water from Calgary’s two wastewater treatment plants — Fish Creek and Bonnybrook — are most responsible for elevating the river to blue-ribbon status.”

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  • One thing Chris did not mention (though he may not have known), the addition of one more waste water treatment plant is in the very near future. According to the Bow River Fisheries Biologist, this should make the river even more productive, and have more and bigger brown trout. Hard to beat the Bow for big fish so close to a city (plus they eat dries all summer).
    Brent Piche