Fly Line Review: SA's Sharkskin

New on MidCurrent, Robert Morselli reviews the Scientific Anglers Sharkskin fly line. Morselli notes that despite a few quirks, the Sharkskin delivers as promised (or even better).
Excerpt: “I got over the noticeable buzz that the line generates while sailing through the guides and even began to appreciate the sound: despite other anglers telling me they have found it annoying, I actually appreciated an audible clue to line speed. After just two hours on the water, I learned to ‘listen’ to my line. This alone makes the line a standout. Fishing is a full-on sensory experience, and creating a new way of detecting line performance is benefit, in my book.”

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  • Sharkskin has been out for awhile, and the reviews have always been mixed. Judging by the expanding offerings of Sharkskin, it’s here to stay awhile. My experience; if you are in clean water, not ever casting from shoreline, this is a fine line. If you happen to let your line touch land occasionally, this is not the line for you. The skin picked up grit and ground my rod wraps and finish down like a West Texas sandstorm. My finger was a bloody mess on day one, and that’s not a good thing when you have four to go on the Conejos. shannon

  • Serge Thomas

    I am testing a 9wt floating saltwater taper sharkskin… so stay tuned. Serge