Knot Video: Tying the Blind Splice Loop

For many fly fishers, tying a backing knot is like programming a car radio clock — it’s simple enough when you follow the manual, but just about impossible to remember a few months later. But if you fly fish for species that make big runs — “sawing” your connections in and out of a rod tip, or if you regularly change fly lines on a reel, being able to rig effective backing connections offers serious advantages.
This week George Anderson demonstrates how to tie one of the most elegant of connecting knots, the Blind Splice Loop, which adds a thin-profile loop to the end of your backing. The Blind Splice Loop intimidates most anglers because it looks quite complicated. But as George shows, a tool that costs only a couple of bucks, along with a little patience and dexterity, will have you tying them like a pro.

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