Buff To Make Wool Version of Popular Headwear

February 9, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

The persistent cold weather that has gripped the U.S. this year has some of us dreaming of a warm spring, and others wondering if next year we won’t need a bit more armor for fall and winter fishing. Thinking that plenty of fans of their popular tube-shaped fabric headwear want warmth in addition to sun protection, Buff will introduce a wool version in August ’09. Gear reviewer extraordinaire Steven Regenold tested one recently and notes: “The product is about 6 inches longer than the Original Buff, making it extra cozy when bunched up on your head or neck. The fabric is not silky smooth. Indeed, the wool had a noticeable texture when I first pulled the piece on. But on an eight-mile run on a 10-degree night — my Wool Buff’s maiden voyage — I never noticed an itch.”