Oh, Those Frowning Purists

“Today, of course, most people consider nymphing a legitimate way to fish (although it’s strictly a method of last resort for some anglers). But some folks who are perfectly comfortable dead-drifting a Pheasant Tail nymph through a deep run consider it ‘practically bait fishing’ (horrors!) to drift a Glo-Bug through the same spot.” Morgan Lyle tries to decide whether producing fish after fish immediately marks a technique as cheating. In the Schenectady, New York Daily Gazette.
If glancing at a Glo-Bug doesn’t give you a furrowed brow, you can watch Charles Meck tie one on MidCurrent.

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  • Awhile back, I wrote an article about this. Fish don’t only eat bugs. They also eat crustaceans, worms, mice, other fish, snakes, ducklings, frogs, fish eggs, frog eggs, tadpoles, and so forth. If an angler wants to select only insects to imitate, who am I to tell him he’s a fool for ignoring all the rest of the food sources that fish eat? He’s either intentionally making the game harder for himself and deserves my respect, or he’s just ignorant and deserves my pity. By the same token, who is he to try to dictate to others or even look down his nose at them in disdain when they tie on patterns to imitate what the fish are actually EATING at that time and place and catch more fish than he does?