ESPN2 to Host "Bass" Mini-Movies

Jamie Howard, the filmmaker behind “In Search of a Rising Tide,” “Chasing Silver” and “Location X,” has been hard at work on a new production that puts fly fishers and plug casters in a state of frenzy trying to catch big bass on top-water flies and lures. He just let us know that “Bass: The Move” will begin airing on ESPN2 as 3-minute mini-movies in the Saltwater Sundays programming beginning December 28 at 8:26 AM EST. (On Saturday January 17 there will be a showing at 9:30 AM as well.)
Howard described some of the results of many months of shooting: “One of the differences between us and the standard bass show — including the presence of a fly rod — is we target one big fish like in saltwater and we keep it visual hunting by going topwater or by fishing in clear water.” More info at

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