Some Days, It All Goes Right

December 19, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

The Trout Unlimited film crew travels to Arkansas so that Frank Smethurst can fish with expert guide John Wilson for big brown trout. Wilson spots an out-sized Little Red brown, Smethurst casts, fish eats. Film records 35-inch brown trout. “Great Guppy Hunter” smirks. Crew leaves muttering about all the time they’ve wasted video-taping 12-inch trout in other parts of the country.
“‘Look there, see that monster … 20 pounds, 25 pounds … and there are some little ones beside them that are 25 inches!’ Wilson said as he pointed them out. Dennis and I would look at each other and admit that often we didn’t see them. To Wilson, it’s an easy task. It would be like the rest of us noticing that there is a new couch in the living room.” Clay Henry on HawgsIllustrated.com.