Obama To Name Salazar Interior Secretary

Today President-elect Obama will name Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colo.) as the new U.S. Secretary of the Interior. “Dwayne Meadows, a field representative for the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, which focuses on the inner Mountain West, said Salazar’s moderate approach should produce concrete policy results in an Obama administration. ‘He’s been supportive of public lands energy development, but he thinks it needs to be done responsibly and protect the other uses out there,’ Meadows said. ‘He didn’t say, “Don’t drill the Roan Plateau,” but, “Make sure you protect hunting and fishing recreational uses as well.”‘ ” Juliet Eilperin in The Washington Post.
Salazar’s biggest task — other than purging the anti-science advocates — will certainly be cleaning up departmental corruption. “‘Short of a crime,’ [Interior Department Inspector General Earl] Devaney said, ‘anything goes at the Department of the Interior.'”

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  • john weis

    I think this is a horrible choice. Just another cowboy in a big hat running public lands for the grazing, mining, logging and hunting interests. I would have thought with the “change” mantra Obama could have given us a conservationist in that job. Guess not. Also tells me not to donate any time or money to the Roosevelt group: save the deer and elk so we can shoot them!

  • You mean like TU and others fisheries conservation orgs: save the fish so we can catch them?
    That makes no sense, John. Fishing is a blood sport just like hunting. Sure, we can put SOME fish back, but don’t bury your head in the sand and act like fishing is non-consumptive just because some of us practice C&R. Even with the best of C&R, we know that about 15% mortality rates occur with trout and salmon. And C&R anglers only make up a small % of the total angling population. By comparison, hunting is far more restrictive of harvest allowances to population ratios and in most cases is based on truly wild, sustainable, naturally-reproducing populations of game animals. So, while (in general) most of North America’s fisheries have been in some sort of decline over the past 50 years, most of our game animal populations have actually been on the increase…while being hunted. Thus, those “nasty” hunter conservationists who “save the deer and elk so they can shoot them” are actually doing a BETTER job of conserving the wildlife they love and the habitat upon which they depend than the anglers are…and we have the ability to catch our fish without killing them.
    The Teddy Roosevelt Society is one of the very best conservation organizations in the world.

  • Tim Zink

    Geez, John, if i knew it was going to make you so bitter, I wouldn’t have kept catching those silvers you were flailing for on our Alaska trip this year!
    Tim Zink
    Director of Communications
    Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

  • john weis

    Damn, mention the Roosevelt group and the rough riders go for the throat. Down guys, the issue is Salazar not me. I understand that we all have to hold hands and sing kum ba ya together because Salazar is what we got, but I don’t have to be happy about it.
    Face the music: Obama’s agenda is energy independence whether it involves drilling, wind mills, coal or, shut my mouth, shale oil. By holding to this mantra he will create jobs and reduce our balance of payments to the arabs. so far, all good, except when worrying about a run of cutthroat versus an energy development, the fish will take it in the ass. Maybe not as fast as under Bush, but in a list of priorities, the fish loses.
    We all knew in working, paying and voting to get Obama elected that he was short on the environmental side of things. Between Columbia, Harvard Law, and Chicago, Obama has not had a chance to develop much of a passion for wild places. And this is why the people he has selected to care for those wild places is so critical. And in your heart of hearts, if you think Salazar is the guy, fine, but he is second rate compared to others more qualified. Why the hell didn’t the Rough Riders work harder to get the right person in the job in the first place? And we know who I am talking about. You can and should make lemonade out of the lemons, but I’ll pass on the koolaid and stick to my beer.

  • I didn’t take issue with your rant about Salazar. I took issue with you lumping conservationist-hunters in with the logging, mining, and non-renewable energy barons that Washington has decided to let ravage the West in the past few years and it seems might continue for several more. I am a strong advocate and friend of any crusader – so long as he can distinguish friend from foe.