New Fly Fishing Books: Rich Murphy's Fly Fishing for Striped Bass

Rich Murphy’s new 445-page opus on fly fishing for stripers has me wondering — as did Dec Hogan’s steelhead book last year — where folks find the time and resources to put together such giant compendiums. Fly Fishing for Striped Bass (Wild River Press, October 2007, 445 pages) is divided in to nine long chapters that cover everything from fish biology to flies and tackle, but the emphasis is, as it should be, on technique and strategy. This is a large format book with a ton of photographs and illustrations. The pre-release reviewers — Lefty Kreh and Rip Cunningham among them — seem to think this is the best book yet written on the subject.
Fly Fishing for Striped Bass on Amazon.

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  • Steve Murphy

    You need to understand something about my brother Rich — he is very smart, very dedicated and will not be stopped (even by cancer which he continues to fight to this day). Rich did all of the illustrations by himself and acquired almost all of the photos by himself. This book is a testament to his abject love for striped bass fishing. Steve Murphy