Spencer Tracy's Steelhead

Ben Marcus makes a hopeful jaunt up the once-famed Malibu Creek in California. “So, again, were there any fish in there? Any devout fly-fisherman driving across the Malibu Creek bridge or along Malibu Canyon has to wonder. Malibu Creek looks promising, and then there are stories of what it once was: an epic little steelhead river that would entice Spencer Tracy to halt production of shows when the fish were moving. But those days are long gone, slowly ended by the Rindge Dam that was built in 1926 and limited the steelhead run to the last two miles of the creek.” In the L.A. Times.

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  • Johnskaplan

    I grew up in Santa Monica Calif In the 1960’s.We would go fishing for trout in malibu creek.One day I caught a 24″ what was a trout but was actually a steelhead.For 4 years I fished Malibu Creek every winter by myself always catching fish The largest fish I caught was 36″ long and very fat.That was a huge fish .Two clowns fished the creek and kept all they caught instead of releasing them.Western Outdoors Newsletter published the picture and Malibu Creek was ruined by a bunch of bonehead bait fishermen.Soon after ,Fish&Game closed the river.Ther still is a winter run,but it is closed to fishing.