Spey Casting for Channel Cats on the Canadian Prairies

May 26, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

No, it’s not a joke. Will Milne on the Waterside Mb Web site offers some keen insight into spey casting and why the techniques can and should be applied to chasing channel catfish on Manitoba’s Red River. “If one thing can be said with certainty, it is , that Spey casting has recently seen a tremendous resurgence of interest and adaptation, that speaks to it,s versatility and relevance. From surf casters using two-handed rods with shooting heads or overhead casts for stripers off the beaches. Add in tackle manufacturers designing new lines and rods tailored to various approaches, the addition of the Snap-T/Perry Poke/Snake Roll and other casts to the repetoire, the advent of 5/6 wt Spey rods, the list goes on and undoubtably will continue to grow.”
There’s also a link here to some very good Japanese videos of various Spey casting techniques.
(Thanks to reader Phil Monahan for providing this link.)