Fly Casting

Tim Rajeff's Double Haul Master Class

It's ice-off season here in the Rockies, which means a lot of standing on banks and throwing big streamers to cruising trout. If you're anything like me, getting the hang of casting big streamers - especially on a heavy sink-tip line - was more work than imagined. That's where Tim Rajeff's double haul instructions can help. Louis Cahill, over at Gink &...

Seven Deadly Sins of Fly Fishing

Todd Tanner's most recent piece in Hatch Magazine details what he calls the seven deadly sins of fly fishing - plus a few extra for good measure. The list of do-nots is compiled from some of the best fly anglers in the world. You can read their tips here.

How To be a More Accurate Caster

Accurate casting takes you a long ways in fly fishing; in fact, it's probably the single-most important skill we can develop. This piece from Troutbitten is timely, since blue-winged olives are starting to pop up in droves. Great casting is a necessity for success on those days. Read the tips in full here.

What to Do When It Blows

Todd Tanner has some great words of wisdom for anglers who have a hard time fishing in the wind (I'm definitely one of them). You can read his tips in Hatch Magazine. 

The Case for Shorter Casts

Domenick Swentosky of Troutbitten recently put together this good read on why shorter casts are often more effective than longer ones. His words echo what we read from John Juraceck not too long ago. Read Swentosky's piece here.

Avoid Crowds By Casting Better

This is a wonderfully thought-provoking piece from John Juracek in Hatch Magazine. He argues that by virtue of becoming a better fly caster, you can literally cast yourself into smaller - or nonexistent - crowds, even on the West's most popular rivers. Popular rivers, Juracek asserts, are so popular not due to their ease of access, but because they place...

Choosing Fly Lines for Maximum Performance

Ross Purnell put this piece together last week, and it's on a topic that I think deserves more attention in the fly fishing community. It's about the theory behind choosing fly lines to maximize the performance out of your fly rod. As I've said for years, fly line has more of an impact on a fly rod's performance than anything else. Read Purnell's thoughts...

Review: Cortland Pike Musky Line

Cortland has been not-so-quietly developing outstanding new fly lines in the past few years. In addition to their stalwart 444 Peach, they've introduced perhaps the widest array of specialty tapers in the industry. Of those, the Pike Musky line is seen as particularly enticing by anglers who chase those fish. And thanks to the folks at Fly Fisherman...

Can You Tell a Good Cast From a Bad One?

Todd Tanner tackles a subject that's a bit tricky in a recent story over at Hatch Magazine. In it, Tanner discusses whether you can tell a bad cast from a good one. You can read all of his thoughts here.

Fly Casting Over Time

This is a fun piece in Hatch Magazine by John Juracek. It takes a look back at whether the fundamentals of fly casting have changed over the years. Read the story in full here.