Fly Casting

Orvis Pro Tips: A Good Downstream Drift

Orvis' pro tips are among some of the best instructional writing on fly fishing that the angling community has access to. And in this recent piece written by Phil Monahan, we're treated to an in-depth look at how to achieve a good downstream drift. You can watch the video below and read the entirety of Monahan's post here.

5 Tips for Casting to Rising Trout

At this point in the year, the trout in our heavily-trafficked waters are much more suspicious than they were two months ago. On Tuesday, I floated the Green River in Utah, in the middle of a pretty good caddis and yellow sally hatch. The fish that rose to my dry fly did so timidly, as if they were scared of getting caught. I suspect it's this way on a lot...

How to Do the Hauling Tuck Cast

George Daniel, a contributing editor over at Fly Fisherman Magazine, just put out a new video showing anglers how to complete the hauling tuck cast. This technique is meant to help your flies hit the water at a steeper angle, thereby increasing how quickly they end up in a trout's strike zone. Watch the video here.

Tips for Effectively Casting Into the Wind

I don't know about you, but it feels like it's been windier than normal here in my corner of the Rocky Mountains this year. That's why this piece from Fly Fisherman Magazine is so apropos. If you struggle casting into the wind, or just want to improve your existing skill set, then I'd recommend reading through this article.

Winston's Joan Wulff Instructional Videos

While waiting for the rivers to open, it’s time to shift from binge-watching for a few minutes to freshen up your casting skills and learn from perhaps the greatest tournament caster and fly casting instructor of all time: Joan Wulff. Joan suggests that you safely follow along with the butt section of your fly rod as you watch the movies. Watch the...

Fly Fishing in the Wind

Wind is the fly angler's most interminable foe. A strong gust can blow bugs off the water, prematurely ending an otherwise graceful hatch. But that doesn't mean the fishing should stop. That's why this article, released last week over at Meat Eater, is a must-read as we head into the blustery spring fishing season. Read through all of Ryan Sparks' tips on...

How to Water Haul

There are tons of different ways to cast a fly rod, and I'm a firm believer in learning as many as possible. You can't have too many tools in your arsenal, after all. This great video from Pete Kutzer over at Orvis is a must-watch as you prep for the spring season!

Teach Yourself to Double Haul

The double haul is an essential tool in the arsenal of any angler, but especially those who spend time throwing big streamers or other heavy rigs. Phil Monahan, over at Orvis, gives us some great tips on teaching yourself the double haul. If you're still trying to figure this cast out, take the time to read through Phil's piece.

Improving Fly Presentation

Ross Purnell, of Fly Fisherman Magazine, recently penned a piece that's worth your time to read through in its entirety. The article, entitled "The Finesse Game: The Best Tools for Close and Personal Presentations" goes over invaluable tips that will inevitably make your dry fly fishing much more successful. Spring's mayfly hatches are coming sooner than...

Improve your Nymph Accuracy

Nymphing is often regarded as a great way to introduce new anglers to fly fishing, but it can just as - or even more - challenging than dry fly fishing. Nymphing was troublesome for me, because I grew up in a family where fly fishing was done only with dries. I didn't even know what a nymph looked like until sometime when I was in junior high. In this...