Fly Casting

Tip: Snap Your Wrist for Line Speed

Do you want to add more line speed to your casts, but aren't sure how to accomplish that? Louis Cahill has one simple tip - snap your wrist. You can see exactly what Louis means in this story over at Gink & Gasoline. 

Instructive Steps to Defeat Drag

Eliminating drag is the key to achieving lifelike drifts, but accomplishing this is harder than it seems. If you're looking for some ways to help defeat drag, you need to read this story from Jim McLennan in Fly Fisherman Magazine. He goes through three tips to help you get rid of drag and offer up better presentations. Read the story here.

3 Ways to Improve Your Approach

Presentation is everything in fly fishing, and it's tough to get a good presentation if you don't approach the water correctly. That's the gist behind Craig Fellin's recent post over on the Orvis blog, where he details three ways you can improve your approach. This should help you put more fish in the net this coming season. Read Fellin's post here.

The Other Water Haul

If you want to learn a new way to use the classic water haul cast, look no further than this story from Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gasoline. This use of the water haul can help you fight the wind, especially when fishing in saltwater. Read the story here.

How to Rig a Streamer

The fine folks over at Orvis have been releasing new short videos that cover all sorts of fly fishing tactics. The most recent of these videos features Tom Rosenbauer walking you through how to rig up a streamer on a fly rod. You can watch the video below, and browse through the other videos in this series, here.

Better Fly Rod Grip for Better Casting

According to Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gasoline, if you tweak your fly rod grip just a bit, you can improve your casting. The grip is something that everyone can do correctly, and Cahill demonstrates how to accomplish that in this post, which you can read here.

An Alternative Fly Casting Grip

In George Daniel's latest over at Hatch Magazine, he tells readers why they should consider giving fish the finger - not literally, of course. But there is some merit to the casting grip Daniel advocates for, which involves particular placement of your finger. You can read the story here.

Why You Should be Spey Casting

If you're not currently spey casting, Kubie Brown argues that you should be. Brown says it opens up a whole new world of fishing for anglers willing to give it a try, and he's not wrong. You can read all of his thoughts on spey casting in this story from Meat Eater.

How to Fix Your Backcast

Ed Jaworowski has some great tips in this piece for Fly Fisherman Magazine on hot to fix your backcast. According to Jaworowski, you'll have a better cast overall if you focus on eliminating problems as they arise in your backcast. You can read the story here.

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Cast

Steve Schwartz put this story together for MeatEater on five easy ways to improve your fly cast. His tips focus more on the act of feeling the line and rod throughout your cast, which is important if you truly want to improve as an angler. You can read the whole story here.