Fly Casting

FFI Announces Virtual Expo

Fly Fishers International (FFI) has officially released details for its inaugural virtual expo, set to be held in November. Below is a press release with all the details, courtesy of FFI. Fly Fishers International has opened registration for the inaugural FFI Virtual Expo 2021 taking place from November 5-7. Fly fishing enthusiasts will have the opportunity...

Improve your Water Haul

I was recently reading a John Gierach essay, where he talks about the issue of casting huge flies while fishing for musky in Minnesota. Gierach specifically mentions that he settled on the water haul cast as the only way to reliably - and without his shoulder falling off from overuse - cast for muskies. So, when I saw this piece from Louis Cahill at Gink...

Fly Fishing Tips: Wrist to Rod Tip

Domenick Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, has a series of how-to articles that go through 50 fly fishing tips. One of the most recent he shared is about the connection between your wrist and rod tip while casting. Read it in full here.

The Fundamental Mistake in Euro Nymphing

Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, just wrote a fantastic piece about a fundamental mistake many tight-line and Euro-nymph anglers make. As a renowned guide - who's developed his own mono rig system - Swentosky is uniquely positioned to make this observation. So what's the fundamental mistake? Read the story to find out.

8 Bonefish Tips

Whether you're brand-new to chasing bonefish, or you're a bit rusty because the pandemic derailed travel plans, Chris Hunt has you covered. His latest piece in Hatch Magazine details eight bonefish tips for new - or rusty - anglers. Read the story here.

Tim Rajeff's Double Haul Master Class

It's ice-off season here in the Rockies, which means a lot of standing on banks and throwing big streamers to cruising trout. If you're anything like me, getting the hang of casting big streamers - especially on a heavy sink-tip line - was more work than imagined. That's where Tim Rajeff's double haul instructions can help. Louis Cahill, over at Gink &...

Seven Deadly Sins of Fly Fishing

Todd Tanner's most recent piece in Hatch Magazine details what he calls the seven deadly sins of fly fishing - plus a few extra for good measure. The list of do-nots is compiled from some of the best fly anglers in the world. You can read their tips here.

How To be a More Accurate Caster

Accurate casting takes you a long ways in fly fishing; in fact, it's probably the single-most important skill we can develop. This piece from Troutbitten is timely, since blue-winged olives are starting to pop up in droves. Great casting is a necessity for success on those days. Read the tips in full here.

What to Do When It Blows

Todd Tanner has some great words of wisdom for anglers who have a hard time fishing in the wind (I'm definitely one of them). You can read his tips in Hatch Magazine. 

The Case for Shorter Casts

Domenick Swentosky of Troutbitten recently put together this good read on why shorter casts are often more effective than longer ones. His words echo what we read from John Juraceck not too long ago. Read Swentosky's piece here.