Fly Casting

Video: Underhand Casting

Have you ever heard of underhand casting? Me neither. But apparently it's a technique that has some value, because the folks over at Loop Fly Fishing put together a wonderful video detailing the technique. You can view it below.

Using The Roll Cast for Dry Fly Fishing

The roll cast is one of the most effective tools in an angler's arsenal, but it's rarely utilized to its full potential. In a recent story over at the Orvis blog, Phil Monahan walks us through how to use the roll cast for efficient upstream dry fly fishing. You can read the story here.

How To Be a More Accurate Caster

Presentation is everything in fly fishing. The wrong fly, fished well enough, can often be the right fly. And even if you have the right fly on, it doesn't matter if your presentation isn't up to snuff. A big part of presentation is being able to accurately cast your flies where they need to go, which is the basis of Dom Swentosky's latest piece over...

How to Cure Tailing Loops

One of the most common problems any fly caster will face is that of tailing loops. Usually, this is a problem for folks just learning to fly fish, but it can afflict veterans of the sport, as well. That's why the folks over at Epic Fly Rods put together this blog post that details what causes tailing loops, and some great ways to eliminate them. Read the...

The Other Water Haul

Louis Cahill shares an effective, albeit different, way to utilize the water haul cast, in this latest story of his over at Gink & Gasoline. You can read it here.

Casting in Heavy Brush

Something all of us anglers probably need to work on is our casting; specifically, casting when surrounded by heavy, fly-eating brush. That's where this story over at the Orvis blog can help out. Dave and Amelia Jensen take you through how to fly cast in heavy brush. You can find the story here.

Orvis Podcast: Practicing Your Fly Cast

In the most recent episode of the Orvis podcast, Tom Rosenbauer sits down with celebrated Orvis casting instructor Pete Kutzer. Tom and Pete chat all about how you can practice - and improve - your fly casting. You can listen to the show here.

Improving Your Water Haul

The water haul cast is a must-have skill if you're fishing beneath tight cover, or if you have limited room to make a back cast. If you need to hone this skill, you should read Justin Pickett's latest over at Gink & Gasoline, where he goes into detail on some ways to improve your water haul cast. Read the story here.

Rev up Your Double Haul

Justin Pickett has a great post, with an accompanying video, on improving your double haul, over at Gink & Gasoline. It's a timely post, with many lakes and reservoirs finally losing their ice after a long winter. You can read it here.

What Rod Action Is Best for You?

If you're in the market for a new fly rod, but you're unsure of what industry folks mean when we refer to "fast" or "slow" action rods, then this story from Kyle Wilkinson over at Gink & Gasoline is for you. You'll get all the information you need to determine what fly rod action will best suit you and your unique fishing needs. Find the story here.