SPS Outdoor U Students Learn Fly Fishing

This is a fun story that comes to us from the Ozarks Independent, in Missouri. The Springfield Public Schools district has a summer "Outdoor U" program that, among other skills, is teaching students fly fishing. The school focuses on teaching middle-school aged students about the outdoors and outdoor sports, including survival skills. It's heartening to...

Podcast: The Fly Fishing Insider with Spencer Durrant

I had the chance to chat with Greg Keenan over at The Fly Fishing Insider Podcast recently, and the episode just dropped. Greg was kind enough to invite me on to talk shop on writing about fly fishing, building bamboo rods, and I gave my two cents on a few of the big issues facing anglers today. You can listen to the show here.

Fly Fishing is a Privilege

Tony Bonavist writes some of my favorite stuff about fly fishing over at The River Reporter. His latest piece about the privilege of fly fishing is must-read material. The piece isn't long, but it's enough to get you thinking a bit more deeply about why you head to the river. Give it a read here.

A Quarter-Century of Fly Fishing

This is a heartwarming story about a father and son who've been fishing together for 25 years. Written by George Liset, it ran in the Patch, in Exeter, NH. Read the story in full here.

The Monday Mend: Florida-Farmed Salmon, the Fly Rod Market

The Monday Mend took a brief hiatus due to some family matters to which I had to attend, but it's back as of July 20th, 2020! First off, I want to start the day discussing an interesting piece I saw in Politico a few days back. The article, entitled "Will Your Next Salmon Come From a Massive Land Tank in Florida?" is equal parts concerning and interesting...

Fly Fishing Featured in The Washington Post

It's not often that fly fishing gets featured in mainstream publications, especially one with a reach as far as what the Washington Post boasts. But this recent article, by Heather Balogh Rochfort, goes into detail about why fly fishing is such a pandemic-friendly past time. Of particular note is that fly shops around the country are seeing their online...

The Monday Mend: Dubbing Loops and Game Plans

With another Monday underway, I figured now is as good a time as any to start a new feature I'd like to run here at MidCurrent. If the current pandemic situation has taught me anything, it's that I severely underestimated the value of shared community. Even though a lot of us anglers can't physically be together to fish, we can still chat online about the...

Pebble Mine: An Interview With a Lifelong Fisherman

As if we needed more reasons to defend Bristol Bay and stop the Pebble Mine, this story out of the Juneau Empire just adds to Bristol Bay's importance. The story highlights Triston Chaney, who is "a Yupik and Athabaskan resident of Dillingham." He started fishing with his grandpa in Bristol Bay when he was only nine years old, and Chaney hasn't stopped...

Tips for Rowing Drift Boats

Rowing a drift boat isn't easy work - there's a reason guides cost what they do - but it is a skill just about anyone can learn over time. This recent piece from Fly Lords is a good introduction into what it takes to row a good drift. Read it in full here.

A Canadian Fly Fishing Destination for Giant Pike

Whenever fly fishing shows up in major publications, I feel like it's our job as anglers to read the stories and give them their due. The sport needs our help to continue, after all, and this is one way in which we can contribute. Which is why today I'm sharing this story from Forbes, about a great place in Canada to visit for giant pike. Give this story...