Video: Rare Trout Chronicles Episode 4

In episode 4 of Rare Trout Chronicles - the fantastic series from Chase and Aimee Bartee - we're treated to a unique look at Death Valley. And just what does Death Valley have to do with rare trout? Well, I'll let Chase and Aimee explain that part of the story.

Opinion: The Best Kind of Fishing

This is a fun column that comes to us from the Crossville Chronicle, located in Crossville, Tennessee. Don Hazel, the author, writes about all the different fishing he's done, and what kind of fishing he enjoys the best. It's a fun read, which you can find in full here.

Podcast: Destination Angler with Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly is a great friend of mine, and he's an even better photographer. His video and still photography work is some of the best I've ever seen, and not just in fly fishing. Ryan's a versatile photographer, and you've probably seen his work on Instagram, where he posts under the handle @Greenriverflyfisher. Ryan was recently on the Destination Angler...

Opinion: How We Fish Matters

This thought-provoking piece from Chris Hunt in Hatch Magazine shares a sentiment I've long tried to articulate myself. Sometimes, fly anglers do more damage to our beloved rivers and fish than we realize. Understanding our impact is important if we're ever going to achieve lasting conservation goals. Read all of what Hunt had to say here.

Hybrid Coho, Chinook Salmon Found in Canada

Researchers found a surprise when running genetic tests on salmon collected near Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The salmon appeared, at first, to be chinook salmon. Testing showed they were a hybrid between coho and chinook, a surprise since the two salmon don't share spawning habitat. The going theory at the moment is that low water levels have forced...

Story: Winter Fly Fishing

This story is the latest installment in Dom Swentosky's series on fly fishing during the winter months, titled "Something's Always Gonna Hurt." As an avid winter fly fisher myself, I can attest to the truth of Dom's story. Something always hurts when you're fishing in the coldest months of the year. But it hurts more to stay at home. Read the story in full...

Opinion: Infrastructure Matters for Wildlife

This is an interesting piece from Ashlee Abrantes, a PhD candidate at the University of Washington, in which she argues that wildlife need as much help with their infrastructure as humans need with ours. It's an interesting premise, obviously spurred by the recent passage of the infrastructure bill in the U.S. Congress. Read Abrantes's story here.

Opinion: Fly Fishing During the Spawn

Over the past few years, I've talked extensively about how to responsibly fish during spawning season. This year, I decided to take things a step further and share my opinion that fishing during the spawn isn't always the wrong choice. To understand why I feel that way, you can read this story here.

Madison River Group Weighing New Rules

With the immense pressure on the Madison River these days, the Madison River Work Group has its work cut out for them to craft rules that balance all interests on one of the West's most famous waters. The Work Group is set to debate new rules in early December. You can get an overview of what's on the docket here.

Podcast: Troutbitten on Streamer Presentation

Dom Swentosky's Troutbitten podcast is a fantastic resource, and in his latest installment he tackles the topic of different streamer presentations. Listen to the episode in full here.