Set The Hook Hard

Dom Swentosky posits that most missed trout are the result of bad hook sets. In particular, he thinks we miss a lot of trout because we don't set the hook hard enough. Perhaps we have something to learn from our gear-fishing friends... In any case, how you set the hook certainly matters, and Dom asserts that it matters quite a lot. You can read all of his...

Troubitten Podcast: Dries vs Nymphs

In the latest episode of the Troubitten podcast, Dom Swentosky and his crew discuss whether fishing dry flies or nymphs is more difficult. It's an interesting conversation, and one that's sure to engender some great debate. You can listen to it here.

The Lure of Palomino Trout

While some anglers know them as "golden trout," the palomino trout - or albino rainbow trout - has a certain cultural significance. That's according to a recent story from Joe Cermele over in Outdoor Life. He explores the value and the somewhat irresistible charm of these fish, and why anglers still chase them. You can read the story here.

Who Has the Best Anglers?

In this piece over at Field & Stream, Joe Cermele and Miles Nolte tackle a divisive topic - are East Coast anglers better than those of us out West? It's an interesting debate, and you can read it in full here.

If You Can't Fish Dry Flies, You're Missing the Point

In this recent story over at Troutbitten, Dom Swentosky makes the point that if you can't fish dry flies, you're missing the point of fly fishing. It's an integral part of the fly fishing experience, he argues - and it's even easier than nymphing. You can read the rest of the story - and see if you agree with Dom - here.

Which States Have the Best Fly Anglers?

In this interesting piece over at The MeatEater, Kubie Brown tries to answer this question: which states have the best fly anglers? It's a tough question to tackle due to its subjectivity, but Brown does a good job. Read his story here.

Lawson Weighs in on Henry's Fork

About a month ago, John McDaniel raised some alarming observations about his most recent season guiding on the Ranch section of the Henry's Fork. In particular, McDaniel noted the lack of aquatic insect hatches and warming water temperatures. Now, Mike Lawson has weighed in on the situation. Lawson is a legend along the Henry's Fork, and his observations...

Orvis Podcast With Tom McGuane

Tom Rosenbauer recently had the chance to interview one of his literary heroes on the Orvis Podcast. Tom McGuane talks about his life in fishing, a love of fishing small trout streams, and what he thinks of guides who yell at their clients. It's a wonderful conversation between two icons of the sport. Listen to the podcast here.

5 Reasons Why Fly Fishing Will Boom in 2023

According to the folks over at Angling Trade, fly fishing is set for another boom year akin to 2020. A number of factors play into this prediction, which you can read through here.

Clint Eastwood's Advice on Fly Fishing

If you've ever wondered what the legendary Clint Eastwood had to say about fly fishing, you need to read this story by George Liset. He details advice from Eastwood - and John Gierach - that applies directly to the sport we all love so much. Read the story here.