The Immaculate Drift

When Ed Engle writes anything about fly fishing, I listen. When Ed writes something about another angler - praising their skill - I get interested. Ed is one of the best, and he just penned a story about Devin Olsen, a member of Team USA Fly Fishing. Olsen is well-known for his website Tactical Fly Fisher, book of the same name, and the Modern Nymphing...

Opinion: Fly Fishing's Lost Heart

In the ongoing debate over influencers and their role in the fly fishing world, Madson has some slightly different comments on the state of fly fishing as an industry. That it is an industry, he argues, means that fly fishing has lost most of what made it so unique in the first place. Read all of Madson's musings here.

Buying Your First Fly Rod

Ryan Chelius, over at Outdoor Life, recently penned this column on tips for bait anglers to consider when buying their first fly rod. I reckon there's some good information in here for new fly anglers looking to upgrade their current outfit, as well. You can read the story here.

Fly Shop Supply and Demand Issues

This news story from NBC Montana, out of Butte, is an interesting look at the supply and demand problem in the fishing guide industry. Right now, there are more people wanting to book trips in places like Montana, than there are guides to take them on the water. Read the story in full here.

Leader 911

This is a great story from Louis Cahill over at Gink & Gasoline that couldn't be more timely - for me, at any rate. In it, Cahill details what you need to have with you on the water in case of a real leader emergency. We're not talking enough to tie on new tippet, but to rebuild an entire rig. Read the full piece here.

Teaching Kids to Fish

I recently had the chance to guide a mother and daughter on a fly fishing trip here in Utah. I learned a ton that day. I've never guided a mother-daughter duo before, nor have I ever guided a child as young as nine years old. What I learned has changed how I approach both guiding and teaching. Read my thoughts in full here.

Patagonia, POW, Debut "Drop"

Patagonia, Protect Our Winters (POW), and Hilary Hutcheson teamed up to produce a new film titled "Drop." The film follows the drop of water from its source in the Rockies of Montana, to its final destination in the Pacific Ocean. Read more about the film, and find ways to view it, here.

Supreme Brand Called Out as "Disingenuous"

Clothing brand Supreme has come under fire lately due to their launch of a new line of fly fishing apparel. Plenty of folks - from anglers to fashion connoisseurs - think the move is ridiculous. You can read more about the brouhaha here.

Are Influencers Harming the Outdoors?

After reading a story in Angling Trade last week that John Dietsch wrote about influencers, I decided to chip in with my two cents. This story is entirely my own opinion, and doesn't reflect that of MidCurrent, or anyone else I'm affiliated with. But, I reckon it's something that needs to be said, and I hope you'll take the time to read through the...

One Thing Anglers Need to Improve

Todd Tanner, of the School of Trout and Hatch Magazine, recently asked 10 of the best fly fishing instructors in America for their tips on one thing anglers can do to improve their fly fishing game. The results aren't too surprising, but they are wonderfully informative. Give them a read in full here.