"Fishing Buddy"

Louis Cahill recently wrote a piece on a topic that's near to my heart - fishing buddies. Without them, fishing isn't nearly as fun. Even the most grizzled angler out there has to admit there's something more special about catching your fish of a lifetime when someone else is along to witness it. Read Cahill's piece here.

A Surprise Spot for Prime Fishing

With Atlantic salmon fishing season kicking into high gear, we're seeing a lot of fun stories about this year's season. My favorite so far, though, has been this one from the Adirondack Explorer. It details some of the best Atlantic salmon fishing on the West side of Lake Champlain, in New York State. Give it a read here.

"Angry Birds"

Chris Hunt's latest piece in Hatch Magazine is as fun as the title sounds - "Angry Birds." Give it a read here.

Now Versus Then

This is a short column, but still definitely worth contemplating. Scott Spooner contemplates the differences between fly fishing now, and 50 years ago. It's a worthwhile read, regardless of when you first picked up this sport.

Fly Fishing New Zealand's South Island

This is a fun article by Les Hill, a prominent fly fishing expert in New Zealand. The piece details some of his favorite - and the most beautiful - spots to fly fish on New Zealand's South Island. You can read the article in full here.

The Dark Side of Social Media Influencers

Chris Hunt is at it again with another stellar piece in Hatch Magazine. In it, he shares the disdain I - and many other anglers - feel towards the Instagram influencer crowd. Hunt doesn't mince words, and it's worth reading this piece if you have aspirations of becoming an influencer yourself. The behavior detailed in this piece is an exact example of...

Could You Catch a Fish With Your Bare Hands?

This interesting piece from Field & Stream is certainly thought-provoking, asking the question about catching a fish with your bare hands. It's a fun topic to think about, especially if you ended up in a survival situation. Read the piece here, and then let us know - could you catch a fish with your bare hands?

A Look at the Steelhead Industry in Ohio, Pennsylvania

When you think of steelhead, you probably think of the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, and Alaska. These places are the bastions of giant, native, wild steelhead. But there's another steelhead fishery in the United States - and it's worth millions. This interesting article from Farm and Dairy looks at the multi-million dollar industry that is steelhead...

Oklahoma Angler Turns Fishing Journal into Book

I kept a fishing journal religiously for a few years, then I quit in 2020 because, well - it's 2020. Tom Friedmann, of Oklahoma, though, didn't quit. In fact, he's turned his fishing journals into a book, per this fun article from The Oklahoman.  Read the full article here.

How to Be a More Sustainable Fly Fishing Consumer

As fly fishing continues to evolve, we're seeing more and more sustainable products being launched. This is a welcome development, and Andrew Braker over at Fly Lords goes into detail on how you can leverage sustainable products to be a more sustainable consumer. Read his piece here.