Fishing Purists Need to Pass On Their Knowledge

Kenneth Kieser makes a great point in his latest column for The Examiner, a newspaper in Jackson, MO, about the need for fly anglers to pass on their knowledge to the next generation. This is something I've worried about for a few years now, and it makes me happy to see others discussing the need to hand down the knowledge we have. If we want the American...

The Biggest Change to Public Lands in Our Lifetimes

As the United States Senate reconvenes and starts discussing legislation other than coronavirus-related stimulus, I'm going to dedicate room to reporting on the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA). This article, from Sam Lungren over at The MeatEater, is a good primer on the GAOA and why it could become such a pivotal, monumental moment in American...

Are Fat Guys Better Bass Anglers?

Pete Robbins penned this piece on bass fishing for The MeatEater, and I won't do it justice aside from telling you to read it. I haven't laughed that hard at a piece of fishing writing since I read my mother-in-law-to-be Pat McManus's definition of a creek and a "crick." Read this piece here.

Conservation From the Couch Update

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association (AFFTA) recently released an update on their "Conservation From the Couch" initiative, reminding anglers that all episodes are recorded and available online for viewing. You can view those episodes here.

Blue Collar Fly Fishing Variety Show

The Blue Collar Fly Fishing Variety Show is a celebration of the ingenuity, knowledge, and creativity of the central Texas fly fishing community.  The centerpiece of this 90-minute live-stream production is a panel featuring fly fishing luminaries Aaron Reed, Davin Topel, and Dustin Scott. The show features ten videos by noted members of the fly fishing...

Spring Trout On the Fly

For those of you in Oregon, this piece from The East Oregonian is a fun read. It's all about finding new, fun water in the high desert - away from the crowds, of course. Give the article a read here.

5 Things Maine Has Contributed to Fly Fishing

Maine is one of the states I desperately want to fish, but just haven't found the time or ability to do so. In the meantime, I'll settle for reading about it. This piece from the Conway Daily Sun is a fun look at what the state of Maine has give to the fly fishing community over the years.

Virus Diary: On A River

The Associated Press isn't known for its fly fishing coverage, but this recent piece by Rob Jagodzinksi tells a great story of how one man is finding solace during these unprecedented times. This story is really interesting, and written in a more creative way than most everything else I read.

Get Your Gear Ready for Trout Season

In Chris Hunt's latest piece for Hatch Magazine, he offers up a must-read checklist of ways to ensure you're ready for trout fishing in the Rockies. Chris and I share a common love for cutthroat, and in particular, the places in which they live. But there's no sense in heading into the high country without your gear in working order. With runoff...

How Habitat Affects Fish Size and Numbers

It's a commonly held belief that the biggest fish are exclusively found in the biggest bodies of water. While that's true in a general sense, there's much more nuance involved. Thankfully, Stephen Klobucar over at The MeatEater breaks down just exactly how habitat affects fish size, and perhaps more importantly, how many big fish can live in a given body...