Story: "Fishing With Kids"

Dom Swentosky, over at Troutbitten, wrote this story recently, and I had to make sure we shared it here at MidCurrent. Taking kids fishing is something I feel strongly about. Doing so ensures the survival not only of our sport, but of our wild places, as well. Most kids these days spend more time behind a screen then bruising their knees or building forts...

50 Most Influential Fly Fishers

The folks over at Fly Fisherman magazine decided to take upon them the herculean task of naming the 50 most influential fly fishers ever. Their list is in-depth, and fair. While there are a few names not present that I feel should be there, that's likely personal bias speaking. The list is pretty solid. Read it for yourself, and let us know what you think.

Pipe Bomb Found on Jefferson River

Usually, picking up litter while you're out fishing doesn't come with any life-threatening risks. For some anglers on the Jefferson River in Montana, though, that's what happened last week. According to this story from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, authorities found and disposed of a pipe bomb at a popular access point along the Jefferson River. You can...

Essay: Fly Fishing on 9/11

Every year, I feel it's important to reflect on 9/11 and the tragedies involved. Even though we fly anglers often pride ourselves on the ability to leave the "real" world behind - sometimes for weeks at a time - we're not disconnected from reality. We have a stake in day-to-day life just as much as anyone else. Today, in honor and remembrance of that...

'Deadbeat Dams' and Water Storage

The folks over at High Country News consistently put together fantastic environmental content. This latest piece, by Theo Whitcomb, looks at the nuances between the need to store cold water, and the detrimental impact dams often have on their nearby ecosystems. As always, environmental issues aren't just black and white. They're often colored in shades of...

Story: Upper Sacramento River Spills

When a Union Pacific train derailed earlier this year and fell into the Upper Sacramento River in California, it reminded many of an incident from 30 years ago. There was a spill in nearly the exact spot, and it severely damaged the Upper Sacramento fishery. The folks over at Cal Trout put together a great story on the history of this river and the spills...

The Right Lens Color for Fishing

We all know how important polarized sunglasses are to success in fly fishing. But the color of the lenses you choose play a big factor in how well your sunglasses work. You can learn more about that here, in a recent story by Gink & Gasoline. 

Opinion: Steelhead Fishing in 2021

I have to tip my hat to Jeff Hickman and the staff at Hatch Magazine. They put together a story that won't be popular with corporate conservation groups or wildlife management agencies alike, but it's the story that needs to be told right now. Steelhead returns in the Columbia River Basin are the worst we've ever documented. Jeff Hickman - owner of Fish...

Video: Loon Tools of the Trade Series

The new Tools of the Trade series of videos from Loon are among some of the best fishing shorts I've seen in a long time. They're well-produced, with spectacular stories and fish featured throughout. More than anything, though, I appreciate the humanity Loon highlights in these stories. Watch their latest episode below.

Essay: Do Stocked Trout Ever Get Wild?

Dom Swentosky put this together over at Troubitten, and it deals with the question of whether a stocked trout ever becomes wild. It's an interesting debate, to say the least. As always, Dom presents his views in an easy-to-follow, well-worded fashion. Read his story here.