Call to the Wild

The fact that America's trout rivers are a great haven from the coronavirus pandemic isn't lost on anyone - not even The New York Times.  This recent article in the Times goes into detail about how many Americans are fleeing to the outdoors as the only real respite from most shelter-in-place orders. Take a read through the article here.

A Case for Glass

Fiberglass fly rods are still in the midst of a resurgence in popularity. In fact, I know a few guys locally here in Utah who run a fiberglass-only rod company. And one look at Shane Gray's Instagram feed is enough to see plenty of glass blanks leaving his shop. It's in that context that this piece from American Angler comes to us. The article, by Alex...

Podcast: Dan Davala on The Articulate Fly

In the most recent episode of The Articulate Fly podcast, Marvin Cash sits down with Dan Davala, of Orvis Adventures, to talk shop about fly fishing. The two discuss casting geekery, the Tidal Potomac Fly Rodders, adventure travel and getting called home to the Orvis mothership in Vermont. You can take a listen to the podcast below.

More Anglers on the Water

COVID-19 has thrown a monkey wrench into our lives, and none is perhaps as noticeable as the amount of people suddenly with free time during work hours. Now, I've worked remotely for years, and bosses got used to hearing the river in the background while I was on conference calls. And according to this story from KPAX, serving Missoula and Western Montana...

Fly Culture Spring 2020 Edition

Pete Tyjas is producing some stellar work over at Fly Culture. From podcasts to a new quarterly magazine, there's a lot to explore. The latest offering is the Spring 2020 edition of the Fly Culture Magazine. It's an ad-free magazine, supported entirely by readers who choose to buy each issue. Take a look at the latest issue, and prices, here.

Early Spring Fishing in the Old Days

Lately, I've seen a lot of poignant pieces on fly fishing coming out of small-town newspapers. This gives me a bit of hope that the future of fly fishing isn't as bleak as we often assume it to be. And, these stories are usually wonderfully told. Harry Guyer recently did a piece for The Lewistown Sentinel about how much early spring fly fishing has...

Fly Fishing in Driftless America

The opening words to a recent column by Kurt Stafki in the Minneapolis/St. Paul-based City Pages speak to a lot of us as anglers: "If you know someone who spends a lot of time fly fishing and they tell you they love every minute of it, they’re lying." Stafki's story is one that most of us have experienced at some point, and it's a great read as another...

Fly Fishing Through a Pandemic

We're all painfully aware of the current pandemic that has the entire world shutting down. Todd Tanner, a longtime voice in conservation and fly fishing, just penned a piece about whether we should focus on fly fishing during times like these. Take a read through Todd's piece, and see if you agree with him.

A Lifetime of Fly Fishing

With all the hullabaloo going on right now, I wanted to find a feel-good story to help remind us that there are silver linings to every storm (like the fact that I suspect most rivers will be fairly empty here in the near future...). This story, from The Greene County Messenger in West Virginia, is about one man's lifetime spent fly fishing. While there's...

Book Review: The Adventurer's Son

Recently, the renowned Alaskan adventurer Roman Dial published a book about this disappearance of his son Cody. Cody disappeared in 2014 in Costa Rica, and his remains were found in 2016. The book is an absolute must-read for anyone in the outdoors world.