AI-Generated Fish Pictures

Chad Shmukler shares some terrifying news in his latest for Hatch Magazine, especially if you've recently watched Terminator. AI (artificial intelligence) is getting eerily adept at creating pictures of fish, which would change the landscape of fly fishing media. You can read more about this new problem here.

How Invasive Species Create Fisheries

Kubie Brown penned this great story about invasive species that every fly angler should read. He confronts the fact that most of our favorite fishing in America depends on invasive species - like brown and rainbow trout. American fishing today would be vastly different if it weren't for these fish. You can read the rest of Brown's story here.

Would You Fish a Lure on a Fly Rod?

Joe Cermele poses this question to the fly fishing community at large in his latest for Field & Stream. Would you ever fish a lure on your fly rod? Some lures, after all, are smaller than the streamers we love to use. You can read through Joe's argument on the subject here.

Story: Why Winter?

In this story for Fly Fisherman Magazine, guide Boots Allen walks us through the slow but steady growth he's seen in guided trips during the year's coldest months. Fly fishing during winter offers different opportunities than the traditional summer season, and it seems to be growing in popularity. You can read the story here.

In Defense of the Secret Spot

In this classic story from Fly Fisherman Magazine, Steven Rinella defends the need for secret spots in modern fly fishing. The way Rinella sees it, secret spots are part of the sport, and it's worth having something that only you know about. You can read the rest of Rinella's thought on secret spots here.

Troutbitten Podcast: What to Trust

In this recent episode of the Troutbitten Podcast, Dom Swentosky discusses how we can learn what to trust when making fishing decisions. With all the resources at our disposal - plus our own knowledge - knowing what to trust can be difficult. That problem is at the heart of this episode, which you can listen to here.

Opinion: What You Miss by Following FIPS Rules

Euro nymphing has fully taken off here in the United States. However, most of the Euro nymphing gear sold to anglers is built around the rules set forth for competitive angling by FIPS. According to Dom Swentosky over at Troutbitten, you could be missing out on some of the technique's biggest benefits by adhering to FIPS competition standards. It's an...

Reasons to Love and Fear Barracuda

Louis Cahill put this fun story together about six reasons that you should love and fear the barracuda. This is a fish I've always been interested in catching, more so after reading Cahill's story. You can find it here.

Story: America's Fish

Blane Chocklett put together this great story about what he sees as America's fish - and it's not a trout. Redfish, Chocklett says, deserve this title, because there's such an abundance of large ones. It's an interesting argument, and you can read it in full here.

Competitive Fly Fishing's Future in America

Does competitive fly fishing have a place in America's future? Chris Hunt put together a story that shows the support among the angling public in America for competitive fly fishing is almost nonexistent. The story is interesting, and you can read it here.